Traits + Hybrids


Creatures in CardTamers Remix can be rolled with a variety of types of Remix traits.  These determine how the creature looks, although some traits also determine types or other details about the creature.  These are important to take into consideration when working on a Design Slot.  More information about the specifics of creature design can be found in the Design Guide.

The following traits are available:

  • Type, which replaces a single type the creature has.  It will only replace that type, and will list which type it replaces. (e.g. IllumeAqua)
    If the replaced type would be lost due to evolution or other means, the Type Remix status is removed.
  • Type Full, which replaces every type a creature has and will have.  It can be any single type, even if the creature would normally have that type.
    For specifics on a Type Full remix involving a creature's natural type, check the Design Guide.
  • Type Add, which adds a type in addition to the creature's normal type(s).
  • Variant, which allows for non-standard colors on a creature.
  • Unusual, which allows for non-standard markings on a creature.
  • Cosplay (Event Only), which gives a creature a costume resembling another random creature.
Starters can only have Type, Type Full, and Unusual Remixes.  Remix status is set upon the creation of a creature or slot and currently cannot be changed.


As a mechanic which is also found in CardTamers World, Hybrids are treated as separate from Remixes.  There are, however, three main types:

  • Creature/Creature, where two (or more) creatures are combined into one.
  • Creature/Human, where one or more creatures are combined with a human.
  • Creature/Pest, where one or more creatures and one or more Pests are combined.
Hybrids can have any Remix trait except Cosplay, and have a base movepool taken from any creatures involved.