Welcome to the GemExchange! This is a database and community group for the closed species Stardragons!

Stardragons are a closed species by DeleteTheStars, CloneCloneand Raptorslut. You may not make your own.

Stardragons are an intelligent, magical, anthromorphic humanoid species, characterized by their varying horns and sparkling life gems. A Stardragon's life gem contains their magic, life force, and some say the essence of their souls. A Stardragon's life gem matches the color of their eyes, StarShooters being the only exception. Heterochromia and split color gems are impossible.

You do not have to follow the lore! It's only there for the people who enjoy it, feel free to craft your own canon for personal stories and roleplays!

You do not need to own a Stardragon to join the group and take part in contests and events!



The Distinct Races
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    Burrowed beneath the surface of Jo'arca, the Starcrafters spend their lives excavating precious metals and gems. Their gems and horns are far more resilient than any other Stardragon, and they are brazen enough to use both to assist them in their digging. Crafters are considered the most sociable, slipping into most markets and trades, and pawning off their goods and talents for whatever it is they may need.

    Unlike the rest of their kin, Starshooters have no horns, no true lifegem, and no regard for the other 7 races. They have evolved into vicious hunters, with the Stardragons serving as their prey. Very few can still speak the native dragon tongue.

    Peaceful and generous, these Stardragons live high up in the mountains. Their thick winter coats keep them warm during the cooler months, and are typically shed during the late spring and early summer. Their cloud-like tails continuously swirl and billow, though they hold their shape.
    Dead Stardragons that have been reanimated and walk amongst the living once again. Most have suffered violent, untimely deaths at the hands of the Starshooters. They distance themselves from their former kin, embracing undeath and growing distrustful of the living as a whole. They live in swamps, and haunt every inch of the world-- even the regions no other Stardragon will touch.
    A secluded race living and hiding among the trees (though there are some who call the desert their home). They are quick on their feet, and can throw off predators with ease. Stardashers without a main gem above their heads (in the case of Halo and Spirit Flame options) still have their lifegems via torso gems.
    Terrors of the ocean. They may appear cute, and use that to their advantage, but they're just wolves in sheeps clothing. However if you get them on land, they're clumsy and awkward. Best face them out of the water. The gems atop their heads give them a frog-like appearance. They can live in any part of the ocean, from the coral reefs to the deepest ocean trenches.
    A hardy race that can thrive in most any environment. Stareaters are the most common dragon, and one of the oldest as well. They are said to be the ancestors of all other Stardragon races.
    Making their home in dense jungles and rain forests, Starsweepers are one of the rowdier dragons. They love dancing and holding huge parties with endless feasts for just about any occasion. The males have stingers at the tips of their tails which carry a potent venom. They are immune to this particular venom. Other Stardragons, not so much...

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