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Arts and Farts

Look for commissions, trades, offer your services, show off your babs, take part in memes, even show off your short stories!
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General Discussion

General Topic discussion goes here! You can also find the World Rules and most general information pinned here! :D I you wanna derp about stardragons, discuss things, ask questions, and more, do it here!
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The World ( Role Play )


A place to role-play your stardragons. All rps will go here. Please make sure to check out any pinned information before posting!
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RP Discussion and Search

This is an OOC forum for discussion and searching of role-plays. Post ideas or plots to garner interest. Post searches for groups, small groups or one on one role-plays. Discussion current rps going on.
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Your Locations and AUs

Not exactly for roleplaying itself, and more for elaborating into your own villages within the world, or perhaps your own place of business, or even where your character's house is located! Or maybe you have stuff thought up for a crazy alternate universe! Mark these threads with 'AU'.
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Lore and Information