A story set in the SU universe.

tumblr_inline_o0ps49T5Dq1rto2do_400.pngGem Homeworld

Relevant quotes from the SU Wiki:

  • Homeworld is a planet in a distant galaxy, which maintains an extensive empire of colony worlds, and constantly seeks to expand
  • Once suitable planets are located, they are exploited through facilities like the Kindergartens and then terraformed to be made fit for Gem settlements, which would include eliminating any pre-existing life on the planet.
  • Homeworld's imperialistic and exploitative society indicates they are possibly a warlike society bent on wiping out organic life. Another possibility is that they simply do not care about non-Gem life forms, seeing them as inferior.

Kr75Pfa.pngGALAH: Galactic Association of Liberation Against Homeworld

  • Existed prior to the Crystal Gems in secret, believing that obliterating and reshaping planets that harbor life is despicable, and that organic life were worth protecting. The group doesn't feel as strongly about organic life as Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems, but in general cares about fairness and the rights of all life forms.
  • Base is a large ship, constantly traveling to avoid detection.
  • GALAH’s job is to remain undetected by homeworld while combatting it’s imperialistic nature. This means helping to restore planets that homeworld has damaged or controlled.
  • This can include anything from performing cleanup of gem shards/gem technology from a planet, trying to support alien cultures who have been harmed by homeworld, or re-introducing organic life and reviving planets that have been sucked dry by homeworld kindergartens, squashing old or weakly held colonies, etc
  • GALAH gems do not remain on planets they help afterwards.
  • In joining GALAH, gems forsake the idea of having a home planet as long as they maintain a position within the organization.

Has several roles:


Survey planets and report back to base about their status, sometimes traveling through space hundreds of years at a time.


Exists for any combat needs. GALAH almost never calls for outright combat, so most fighters are stealth-based.


Some gems are designated to gathering information. Often acting as spies, they keep up with Homeworld or still actively work for them, granting GALAH with intelligence on what planets to address next.

On-Base Staff

Staff stationed on base to issue missions and control it’s actions. This includes a wide variety of roles, From commanders to healers to engineers.

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