Instead of looking at the constant spamming of people's bulletins in the Character Trading forum, I decided to make some sort of World Marketplace where users can browse through characters with greater ease and at anytime (without the bombardment of the same bump posts in the forums). For now, this is a work in progress, but please join if you're interested in the idea! Add your characters!

For now, only humans, kemonomimis, and human-like characters will be accepted.

To be featured in the unsorted/main character page, just ask!


01. Respect all group members. We want to maintain a friendly community.
02. Please mention in the title or description of your character what you're looking for, so it can be submitted to the correct folder.
03. Do NOT submit characters that are stolen and clearly NOT yours. Doing so will put you on our blacklist and you will be banned.
04. Please visit the forums to ask for a character you want removed from the group, if you have successfully managed to trade or sell the character.
05. If you are a member that decides to leave the group, ALL your characters will be removed from the group.
06. Do not submit characters you are NOT trying to sell or trade. It defeats the purpose of this group.

Submission Guidelines

01. In order to give individuals a better browsing experience, please give the characters you are trying to sell with a title such as: $15.00, 50 DA Points, Trade Only, etc. Keep it neat and simple.
02. Please put a star after the title if the character has artwork that has not yet been uploaded on TH.
03. Characters that do not mention a price in their name/title will be removed from the group. This is in order to clean out the characters that may have already been adopted.

Check out our forums to give feedback on how to improve the marketplace, or if you simply want to advertise your stuff. Only members are allowed to advertise in the forums, but anyone is allowed to give feedback to the group.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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