Welcome to the MLP universe. It's been about 20 moons (as with the show, no one knows how long this is) since Twilight and her friends have died. But the alicorns Celestia, Luna, and Daren are still aroud. 


Celestia still controls the sun. Luna still controls the moon. And Daren helps souls along the rainbow path into the pony afterlife.



1. Alicorns must be approved, since we can't be overrun with alicorns.

2. No mini-modding (you can mod your own RPs)

3. Tag threads and RPs that will contain common trigger warnings (depression, homophobia, self-harm, eating disorders, buckets)

4. While this is a more mature world, the sex and wifu stuff that plagues the brony community is banned. 
Breaking of this rule will result in instantaneous removal from the world.


What is different? 


Here, the ponies live in harmony still, but new events are always taking place. Sailor ponies are exploring the oceans with marine biologists, fighting off a scourge of changeling and foreign pony pirates. In Equestria, there is a ten mile radius around Discord's home, since he is depressed and drinking after the death of fluttershy (and none of the princesses have the heart to move or stop him). New breeds of pony are being born, since all the friendship and harmony have lead to interbreeding with griffons, changelings, dragons, and more.

In the crystal empire, Princess Skyla has come to rule in place of her parents. The crystal ponies appoint a different elected steward to help the young alicorn rule every year. 


How Come Friendship is Ending?


As we've dealt with the princess of friendship dying, we are also dealing with more serious pony matters (but no s-e-x or wifu stuff. That is banned). Depressed ponies that have had long standing friends are dealing with death and loss of friends. Some commit suicide. Some may do self harm. 

Friendship and harmony between ponies is being threatened, and until the Castle of Harmony chooses new ponies to lead, it is up to us to stop Equestria from falling out of balance.


(When and if it comes to it, Nessy will choose the new ponies of harmony, who will become the mods of the forum)

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