CloverCoin: I have a rather large roster of MLP:FIM originalcharacters and the more I make about the the more I realize they really don't fit into the canon world of Equestria. Just because these are my characters and as I flesh them out, I tend to take more adult/reality thinking circumstances with these pony characters and their world. So... I decided to literally make them their own world! AU/Alternate Universe haha... 

Welcome to Cloverly. This is a rather early lived settlement that was founded by ponies who came from Equestria (slightly northern continent, you'd have to sail or fly to get there) about ehh 50 years ago. It was a small town at first but the trades across the continent began to pick up and Cloverly became one of the most active trade hubs!

With the activity of nomadic groups making efforts to sell their goods in and around Cloverly, the residents grew over time from just ponies to a rather diverse township!

Species that have been seen in Cloverly; Earth ponies, pegasi, unicorns, donkies, zebra, bovine, boars, goats, griffins, hippogriffs, dragons, diamond dogs, half breeds, deer, peryton, bat ponies, and likely more that aren't spoken of often.

The only species that seems to be rebuffed around Cloverly territory are Changelings. While Equestria has already discovered the power of love and embracing the changelings literal change, sadly hasn't crossed over into the Cloverly Continent. Changelings are a savage and revered species on their continent. They are known to hunt and capture ponykind and literally eat them. Changelings of this continent are all very vicious predators and cannibals.

Travelers are gravely warned when leaving the territory to be wary of strangers. For this land is not kind... The world here grows wild and serves itself first and foremost. In Equestria ponies had control of the the climate and weather while in Cloverly ponies now receive training on how to work with the wild nature and try to prevent disasters from befalling their down.

Warnings for pony travels; Changelings, Dragons, Griffins, and even some Bat Ponies are known to hunt ponykind and feed on them. Please take serious caution when approaching new characters. There are also large beasts that lurk in the wild. Many still have not been cataloged and danger is unknown.

But don't worry, for now our main focus will be on Cloverly and the territory it occupies. No need to go out adventuring just yet. 

There is a current peace treaty that is the territory of Cloverly, it's an agreement between all coexisting creatures to be well and look out for one another in this place. It's everyone's duty to take care of the town and it's residents. It's been an extremely bumpy road with this pact and actively been tested on as politics are built up in Cloverly. Right now the main authority figure heads mostly sits on the Mayor and the rangers from the Weather Academy. Originally a place to train young ponies to create their own weather here on the new continent, the wilds would not allow for it and overthrew all the magic users intent right back at them. Now the academy is more like a super glorified rangers station where they are trained to deal with creatures, natural disasters, lost travelers, and more. It is the ranger's duty to help and uphold the peace in Cloverly.

With all of the new species making a home for themselves here in the bustling trade city of Cloverly, it's proving to be some what of a difficult change for new and old residents alike. However with all the bad comes plenty of good! With the new services for predators in Cloverly, almost no one goes hungry if they can help it. There are plenty of services for both carnivore and herbivore alike! Living next to the ocean has been an extremely huge help to the economy and provides the most meat for the carnivore's diet in Cloverly. Heck, some ponies have even been on the adventurous side and trying the new delights in Cloverly. Most don't care or like it, but hey they tried it! That's one good hoof in the right direction if you ask me.

One of the favorite meats besides seafood is actually the new breeds of Domesticated Cockatrice. A type of bird and reptile to make a more substantial meat source for predators who could not tolerate seafood. Plus lots and lots of eggs! Which it seems every species likes to casually enjoy! c:

Though recently a new type pet has become rather popular in the Cloverly market. They are known as Pillowings, an enchanted stuffed animal that has a soul bond with it's owner. Their creator is some hermit unicorn who lives just outside of town in her own little cottage. They are becoming all the rage and every pony in town wants to get their hooves on one! The other species are bemused and seem interested as well.


HEY, so glad you're all enjoying my lil write ups about Cloverly. I just want to make sure all these creative blogging moments are public on my patreon so anyone can view/contribute if they want too. Cloverly is a pretty open world idea that I'm 100% open to letting people butt in, move their own characters into town, use it has their own lil story start points. Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll do my best to address them!

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