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Here's all the stories so far that take place in the Pennyverse. These are not in chronological order; some will take place in the distant past, and others are present day. Still others were written before our lads were fully fleshed out. Differences in characterization are almost certainly present.

Dates refer to the date the stories were finished, not necessarily when they were first posted to

Title Status Date Finished Author Protagonist
The Little Green Men Controlling the Weather Ongoing mariteaux Gonzo

Perturbed by the lack of any rainfall for months in the Central Grasslands, one conspiracy theorist stormchaser bunny starts to seek the truth for himself.

Half-Awake and Half-Alive Completed October 31, 2021 mariteaux Various

A collection of short stories of exactly 300 words each, diving into the heads of Apricot Bay's residents on those especially cold, stressful nights...

A Conversation with Colton Oneshot May 3, 2021 mariteaux Colton

A quiet sensation and his girlfriend, mere minutes before he goes live to a room full of City faithful—spent mostly talking about Built to Spill and public access TV.

A Fuzzy, Stuffy Stupor Oneshot November 17, 2020 mariteaux Sebastian

Cat comes to check on Seb after his sickly accident on the outskirts of the Valley Cascadia, with...disarmingly loving results.

Delusional Oneshot October 22, 2020 mariteaux Arthur

Kept awake for days, Arthur investigates something shattering in the garden.

Gonzo the Dissident Completed October 2, 2020 mariteaux Colton

Colton and the Guardian turn to dream interpretation to find out why Gonzo's such a skittish mess.

Back to the Sunrise Oneshot June 19, 2020 mariteaux Sebastian

Sebastian and the Guardian share an uneasy conversation at dawn.

The Observer Oneshot December 31, 2019 mariteaux Sebastian

On New Year's Eve, Seb meets a strange, peaceful girl—and the peace turns out to be contagious.

Damp Groceries Oneshot August 22, 2019 caby Kevin

Kevin surviving through another shift at Diesel's grocery store.

Kevin's Nachos Oneshot August 11, 2019 mariteaux Kevin

Kevin goes looking for snacks and adventure in another dimension.

Character Shorts Completed July 8, 2019 mariteaux Various

A day in the life of Apricot Bay's residents, told through vignettes.

Told Me So Oneshot March 2, 2019 mariteaux Sebastian

The trio arrives in Apricot Bay and find strangeness around the edges.

Darkpenny Completed January 17, 2019 mariteaux Sebastian

An orange kitty goes missing in an old, cruel city and leaves no trace. It's up to her close friends to find her, regardless of who stands in the way.

Total stories (so far!): 12