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Already have an Aermerean? Please add them to the World! Don't worry about sorting them into a folder, the admins will get them in the proper folders~ If you're new or need a refresher, check out the Quick Guide below! Details about each species can be seen by using the links to the left.

Please report character and ticket sales, trades, and gifts to help prevent fradulent transactions! You have many options -- contacting AermereaHaven, leaving a message on the Discord server in the #market-approval channel, or by leaving a memo on your character's entry at the Masterlist on DeviantART! For more info, see the Quick Guide below!

You should consider checking out the Discord Server! While not a necessity, being a member of the server will allow you to see event calendars, participate in prompts, earn currency, know when tickets and items go on sale, and much much more!

You can also support the group by purchasing a yearly package with Ko-fi! (There's also a budget package you can read more about in the #how-to-support-us channel on Discord!) If you considering buying at least one high tier ticket anyway, check out these packages! We are very thankful for your support as it helps us pay our team for their work on trait sheets, banners, coding, etc.

Quick Guides

Okay! So you got yourself an awesome MYO ticket and you have a design in mind. How do you make it official? (Don't have a MYO ticket? Keep an eye on the Discord server to know when tickets go on sale!)

You'll need to get on Discord (if you're new, you'll have to fill out some quick information about yourself) and place your design in the #aermerea-myo-approval channel with one of the pinned forms! A moderator will get back to you with any changes you need to make. Once approved, we will add it to our Masterlist account on DeviantART with a watermark and all necessary credits! (Alternatively to Discord, you may also contact AermereaHaven directly via Toyhouse!)

⚜ Note: Here on Toyhouse, add your design's image to the ticket we delivered to you. Please always keep your MYO ticket with your character. Our AermereaHaven account needs to be able to find both your ticket and your character at all times! If you wish to hide your ticket image or character in the future, make sure to Authorize the AermereaHaven account. Thanks!

Please make sure your Aermerean species designs have Creator credit given to AermereaHaven! The designing artist should be creditted as the Designer - on a MYO ticket, that's you! (Customs/Adopts/Collabs will have different artists that need mentioned as Designers!) This can all be done in a character's Ownership tab. (This is all per's Terms of Service, so please don't forget to do this properly!) If you're unsure if the artist has a TH, we're here to help!

⚜ Note: If you have received an egg, don't forget to give additional Designer credit to the artist of the original egg art, as well! Please keep it with your design.

When transferring a character on Toyhouse please please please specify if the transaction is a sale, trade or gift. This is an important for scam prevention!

Please report character and ticket transfers either by contacting AermereaHaven or by leaving a message on the Discord server in the #market-approval channel. If you obtained something via sale, trade or gift please come here so the Masterlist and Ticket Ledgers can be updated! We can also help signal boost designs and tickets you want to put on the market.

⚜ Important: If a design has been purchased, it can be resold. If a design has been traded (whether via art trade or character of equivalent value swap), it can never again be sold for money. If a design was received freely as a gift, it can never be sold or traded. If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to report any suspicious character movements, please reach out to us!

We're sorry to see you go! Remember, you are not required to be a member of the Discord or the Toyhouse world to own an Aermerean! It's perfectly okay to just take a break at any time for as long as you need.

Don't forget you can take your Aermerean to any universe you like and leave them an Aermerean! They can exist anywhere! Just be sure that if you're going to keep Aermerean traits, that the character continues to identify as species it has traits of. Don't go calling a Bloompuff something it's not, you know?

You are also allowed to make alternate versions of your Aermereans for use in alternate universes where they no longer bear any Aermerean traits. (You can do this with any design, even non-MYOs! In this case, the original design, credits, and proofs are to be kept in a tab.)

If you wish to permanently remove credits and proofs from the character and permanently distance it from Aermerea, this can ONLY be done if they are a MYO that you are the original designer and current owner of and it must be made to no longer have any Aermerean traits. (You may also retire Customs you had designed for you by someone else, so long as you can provide proof it with a MYO ticket number, that it's not actually an Adopt. Credit for a custom must still be given to the artist!) If you wish to retire a design, you must show proof you removed all distinctive species traits from the design before we’ll approve design's retirement.

Attempting to remove credits from Aermerea without first removing Aermerean traits will result in a report to Toyhouse. Toyhouse can and does force credit on designs. Non-credit is taken very seriously by Toyhouse and this may possibly result in anything from a warning to your account being frozen. Don't risk that. If you're uncertain about how to remove traits, contact us!

World coding by Kyttias. Please contact AermereaHaven with any inquiries!

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We are holding a free MYO turn in event with over 100 species tickets of different rarities and designs!

Please check it out! You won't be disappointed in the variety we supply! - Link to comment forms must be placed in

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Do we have to get our myos approved? If so can I get this bab approved 👉👈

You message AermereaHaven for approvals!

Hey sorry to disturb you but I couldn't find the traits sheet for ceros

If possible could someone link me that 👉👈

And maybe ceros examples aswell if possible but that's less necessary 

hello sorry, I want to upload my entry to the contest forum but it won't let me comment, I can't find any "reply" button, I don't know why  ;-;


Oh! I believe you must be a member of the TH world to reply! You can click the join button and I'll get you confirmed.

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So sorry for the late reply!

For crossbreed tickets, you are allowed to use the red bulleted traits under the Mutations tab. In order to use the purple ones, you have to purchase them onto your ticket. There is a maximum of six which can be purchased. The ones titled "locked for very rare" are actually godly traits and you must purchase them before using them on your ticket. A crossbreed ticket can have just one maximum and it cannot be one of the red bulleted godly traits.

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Oh-! You can dm AermereaHaven for approvals on your design and such-! ovo

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