This World is where all users can submit any designs they have for sale or trade; their own or ones they have bought or traded from others! I will place all designs in their correct folders!

🍲 Please follow the creator's rules and TOS for designs you bought or recieved but did not yourself make. 

🍲 No stealing or reselling/trading another user's characters without their expressed permission.

🍲 Please RENAME your design as "SOLD" once sold OR "TRADED" once traded and I will remove them from the world! OR you may also notify me via comment or PM which one was sold/traded!

🍲 Please have the price in the title/name if being sold,  if you are trading the design try to list in their profile what you're looking for!

🍲 Pease be kind and courteous to one another! Bullying or harrassment will not be tolerated!

🍲 If you have sensitive images or adopts please use the sites filter/image settings to mark those adopts or images!

🍲 If offering on a character for trade, please read what that person is looking for, please refrain from offering something not on their list or interests!