gladar | ???
 population | ~250,000
 current year | 501,589
 themes | politics, religion, gods, philosophy, war


Myrme has boiled in conflict all of its life, mostly prompted from the bickering of its host lesser gods. In the wake of the mass changes brought on by constant climate change, landscape alteration, and prayer, six great Ant colonies formed: Clover, Ink, Rain, Abyssal, Shell, and Letter. Together, they grew in power and stability, reaping the rewards of their resource-rich world and nanny gods to kick back and enjoy the benefits. Warfare was more playful than aggravated, stealing gyne gently back and forth, as Ants are wont to do. 

As time passed, the gods of Myrme abandoned them, leaving in an attempt to preserve their relationships with each other rather than arguing over the treatment of mortals. At least, that's how the legend goes. There seem to be at least a few gods left in Myrme....

But this all changed when, out of nowhere, Ink viciously attacked and integrated Rain Colony. Left reeling from the sudden attack and its viciousness, the other colonies struggle to assemble enough military might to fight off the former. And what was once six has now become five.

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