☆ TOS/ Rules

Before asking any questions please read through the FAQ, TOS including the weebly!
If you can't find what you need feel free to ask!

This species is STRICTLY PG13, any offensive topics/ images or behavior (racism, ableist, transphobic, homophobic) will not be tolerated. NSFW or f×tish content of JRs is NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE. PLEASE RESPECT thatPlease read further below for details!

》Terms of Service 《

1. How to Get a Jolleraptor
    JRs are a closed species and are only available through OTAs/NYPs, coins, flatsales, auctions, and bribes with Simonetry and PlXlEDUST.
              * Please do not approach creators or moderators about special permissions.

2. Payment Methods
    Points and Money accepted (unless stated otherwise).
    Amount may be split in half-points and half-money (please ask beforehand).
    Payment plans are accepted for amounts 150$ and up (the lenght of the plan may vary).
    ✦ When in paymentplan, the JR cannot be sold, traded, swapped or gifted away neither acquiring or drawing art until the payment is finished!
    ✦ When registering at the masterlist, you have to state you're in a current paymentplan, once it's been fully paid off it will be updated!

3. Rules for Adopting and Trading Your Jolleraptor
   1. After payment if request, you'll receive a full resolution image of your JR if requested!

    2. Edits/redesigns need approval, best approach is to contact either Simonetry or PlXlEDUST for this issue - only slight hue and marking changes are permitted, trait changes are not allowed!.

    3. Any trades, sales, gifts, or swaps of a JRs MUST be noted in the MASTERLIST.  Additionally, you must register your newly purchased JRs (Auction, OTA, Bribe, Flatsale) on the registration as soon as you receive them! You must have a Deviantart account as these cannot be traded to users offsite as it's hard and not possible to update the masterlist without a dA account (offsite users are encouraged to make a dA even if it's just for logging purposes!)

    4. MYO jolles that have been approved have a 30 day cooldown on them, meaning you CANNOT trade, sell, gift or swap your jolles until the 30 day cooldown is over! Please keep screenshots of the day they were approved. Upon receiving a jolleraptor in a trade, you may only trade, swap or sell your JR after you've owned it for two week to discourage trade-fodder behavior
   5. JR's and slots can be sold at the owner's discretion, whether they were traded for or not UNLESS stated otherwise (such as raffle / event earned jolles). These will be listed so as event jolles on their masterlist entries.

    6. Gifted JRs can not be traded or sold if they've been received through any events such as contests, raffles, giveaways etc. They are only allowed to be swapped or gifted back/away.

    7. You may not use a JR as contest prize. Do not put them up as any prize for your personal contests without a permission (ask Simonetry for permission).

   8. If a JolleRaptors owner is unclear, or not stated to who it's owned, the JR will remain voided till it's 100% confirmed who owns them, designs by Simonetry is decided only by them whenever they can get voided or not.

    9. Simonetry and PlXlEDUST made jolles cannot be voided.
    If you own a Simonetry made JR that is now a NN, but you want them as a JR, you are 100% free to do so at no cost to you, please ask/ note the group about getting them on the masterlist
    MYO's and etc. in other hand are allowed but have to also be contacted beforehand voiding so it can be updated

    10. Co-owns are not permitted

    11. Event JRs are the only ones not allowed to be sold/traded.

   12. When designing your MYO please no gorey/explicit/nsfw designs, please keep it PG-13! Please also keep in mind that Jolleraptors cannot have a design based on existing characters (see rule 5.1)
    13. Do not draw unnapproved JRs, to have a JR approved please either message PLXLEDUST on dA or have it approved through our Discord!Once approved please note the Jolleraptorhub with the approved theme, traits, proof of approval and the image to get the slot updated!

    14. Do not use them as prizes for a 'Draw my OC' contest.

4. Etiquette in the Jolleraptor Community
    1. Do not steal artwork or designs.  Do not scam users out of either their artwork or designs. Violation of either of these rules will result in a ban from the community  and blacklisting from future auctions.
    Reaching the permaban result with asking of changing the species to something else/ alt. sell/ trade it away, this is preferred but not mandatory, regardless, the user will no long be allowed to participate in the community or buy/trade for new jolleraptors. WE DO NOT REVOKE DESIGNS.

   2. Do not guilt other Owners in any way.

    3. Do not White Knight on behalf of the JR creators, moderators, or community.  If a situation arises that needs to be handled, please personally message Simonetry or a Moderator in a note. Do not take it upon yourself to message the offending Person.

    4. Do not solicitate JR owners for their JRs if they're not up for offers, that includes under table trading and selling. 
    5. Please keep JRs SFW in all kind of shape and form!  The world is home to adults as well as minors and the Jolleraptor community would prefer if all explicit content in the form of art and writing be kept out of the world/ community.
They do NOT have genitalia of ANY kind and should NOT be drawn with one.
Don't sexualize them. They are a FERAL species. NSFW/ f×tish content of JRs is NOT ALLOWED ANYWHEREPLEASE RESPECT that.
    6. No god-moding, meaning you can't give JRs abilities they do not have canonically, to specify: that means UNLESS it is stated in their masterlist entry, do NOT give Jolles abilities that allow them to control other jolles (any kinds of magic), wipe them out, or have connections to the gods - as these are NOT canon to JR lore (especially having connections to the gods where all-seeing is considered their gifts and jolles that don’t have cursed or allseeing wont have any knowledge about the gods for good reason).

   7. Any blood/ gore content has to he seperated into a tab and be filtered!  (This only counts for TH).

5. Other
    1. Jolles can now be based on existing characters.
This was barred for reasoning of designs being sold separately, but would appreciate some sensibility with this in regards to not trading/selling them separately. Furthermore, if you were not the original designer, you will need to ask the original artist permission if they are okay with it first; as we do not want TOS discrepencies with other artists.
The fandom/IP rules remain however, so no you will not be able to make anything inspired/based from shows etc, not even loosely. Any existing ones are being redesigned to no longer be linked to their sources.