"No one knows how it began, it was just another school day after all, but they seemed to come from nowhere - if we knew we could've closed the gates, we could've done something and those people might still be alive... In order to survive, we hold up in our high school and the older ones go into one of three groups:"

The Carers keep an eye on everyone's health and are in charge of the rations and keeping people's spirits up. They're usually teachers but sometimes are students too.
The Fetchers leave the school and search for anything useful like food, plasters, bandages, blackets as well as other things. They're more speed based and stick to being sneaky rather than fighting through those things.
The Guards are usually the strong ones - perhaps that went to martial art classes - getting up close and personal with them, they keep an eye on the fences and other ways in and out to ensure the schools safety. Sometimes these guys go out with the Fetchers if they're going to a place crawling with zombies as a just in case measure.

(I may close off groups if I think there's too many people - e.g. you wouldn't have 9 fetchers, 2 guards and 0 carers for various reasons)
Joining notes:
- Anyone can join but make sure to respect others.

- Obviously, do not steal/trace/recolour characters by others.
- Characters range from 14-18 (or higher for teachers)
- Students must wear the uniform shown in the 'Resources' folder (To be added when I can)
- Only 17+ year olds can be in the 
Fetchers of the Guards but anyone can be a Carer (that being said, please try to vary the ages so we don't end up with everyone being a fetcher/guard)
(Also, you are not technically forced into a group but some characters may pressure you into it)

- Your character can be related to another if both owners accept - after all, not many parents send their children to different schools

(if your character is related to another then try and have some similarites even if they're only small)
- Drawings are opitional as this world focuses more on RPs (though a visual ref is appreciated for those that want to draw)
- Prompts may be posted now and then as Bulletins
- Keep your characters realistic, please don't have a completely unemotional character (without a valid reason at least) or a super strong axe wielder (it's a school, bare in mind, your character is a teacher or student)

Group counts:
- Carer count: 0
- Fetcher count: 0
- Guard count: 0
- Misc count: 0

- Total: 0

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