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Welcome to the Toyhou.se hub of Life! This world contains all information on the world and its realms.

Life is a late medieval, early Renaissance based world entering its period of scientific enlightenment. Similar to our own world, Life's difference is that it has a special energy called mana, which has the capacity to transform itself into any other type of energy or matter. This magic has transformed the world into a scape filled with demons and dragons, gods and afterlives, and manipulators of the world's intrinsic structure. Its themes touch upon subjective grey morality, dark realism, critical nihilism, deconstruction of perceptions of morals and semantics, friendship, the values of family, and dealing with being powerless against the larger structure.

Be sure to read the guide to navigate the world's forums! You can learn more about it by reading up on the characters that are in this group as well. The forums are in the middle of being restructured, so some threads have duplicates and the old and new thread structures are still mixed.

Note that this is a completely open world; anyone is free to create characters for it or RP in it. The species are open for anyone to create and partake in. Just PM me for more info if you're interested in that!




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