ThousandAutumns is an original quick transmigration (快穿) roleplay group. Make friends. Make enemies. The goal is to become the protagonist at the end of each world arc (or die trying).

Welcome to the afterlife, let's start worldhopping.

Multiverse Ancient China Xianxia 仙侠 Modern Fantasy Casual

Both casual and serious rpers are welcome! You can get involved with the plot, or chill at your own pace.


Main plot

The story begins when a new round of students wake up at Qianqiu Academy. While they get settled in, they must choose their classes and build up their skills until they are qualified to take their first mission.

Ever so often, the students in Qianqiu Academy will be sent on a mission. These missions usually involve a collapsing world that recently lost their protagonist. And that is where Qianqiu Academy comes in—each student will be assigned the identity of a random character in that world; whether it be the cannonfodder little villain, or the poor second male lead, or a consort seeking revenge.

But be careful! Each world has its own mysterious history and a cast of NPCs with their own goals. Your character will be randomly allocated into a faction who they must fight for (or betray if you’re willing to take the risk). In addition, they will be presented missions or information by the NPCs, which you can choose to act on in order to influence the plot.

There’s plenty of lore and worldbuilding to unravel if you’re interested in digging for secrets.

Ultimately, after transmigrating, students will be competing against each other and racing to become the world’s protagonist!

Generous rewards are awarded to those who prevail, so make sure to study hard and do your best!

the academy

Qianqiu Academy welcomes you here to enrich yourself. There are many courses to choose from, and each will teach you skills and knowledge that will prepare you for your missions. From horse riding to the use of magical instruments, the Academy is sure to teach you something new.

But keep your eyes peeled. Not all is what it seems and there are many secrets you can uncover.



Before the start of every mission, a list of roles your character may be assigned to will be announced. These roles will cover a variety of different social statuses and abilities (eg. a barkeeper running a secret rebellion organisation from underneath their bar, a princess/prince fighting for the throne, a cultivator who betrayed their sect, a farmer trying to raise their large family, etc).

These roles are listed under the genre they belong to. For example, the romance genre could contain a consort competing for the Emperor’s favour, a prince/princess who wants to escape to marry for love, etc. For the adventure genre, character roles may be a robber escaping from authority, a knight searching for their disappeared charge, a cultivator trying to get revenge, etc.

If there are certain roles you are uncomfortable with, please include it on your application in the specified location or feel free to note a mod before the characters are assigned!

You will be given a day after the list of roles goes up to choose which genre you’d like, and then you will be assigned a random role (usually chosen by rolling a dice on discord) from the mods. The role you will be assigned will be roughly based on whatever you chose as your genre for that mission.

After you are assigned a character, your first task will be to draw your OC as that character (for example, if you have been assigned to be a flower spirit, please draw the flower spirit AU version of your OC)! Like the app art, commissioning an artist or having your friend draw for you is acceptable, but please remember that the art must be done before the mission starts! Alternatively, a written description of how your OC looks like will also grant you entry into the mission, but drawing a reference is more recommended!

Once the mission starts, so does the rping! Feel free to rp with your fellow members, with an NPC, or even with that plant on the window sill...Mini events will also be posted (usually instigated by the NPCs) during this time to help the plot along. It isn’t mandatory to do them, but there will be a bonus applied for the art and literature done for these events.

Please note that during rps, your character will only be able to use the skills they knew before arriving at the Academy, or the skills they’ve learned in class. Of course, you can use gems to buy the skill (valid only for that mission arc) but the gems will be deducted from your overall gems count. So choose your electives wisely!

At the end of every mission, the gems earned by every character will be tallied up and a protagonist will be determined! The protagonist will receive a 1.5x bonus, and the final plot of the world will be altered to fit them.

Helpful hint: During missions, your character will have already transmigrated into the world, so the Store functions will be limited so store prices will increase. Since this is the case, remember to stock up on whatever items you need before the mission starts!


Depending on the role your character gets, they will be randomly allocated into a certain Faction in that world. These Factions (for example, ‘dark’ vs ‘light’), are led by certain NPCs. More often than not, they will be struggling bitterly against each other, and your character will be expected to help them rise to the top.

Of course, like all good stories, it is possible for your character to betray their Faction and switch sides. However, there is a chance of your character being killed or hunted down (results usually determined randomly by a bot on discord) so please take that into consideration when making that decision! For more information about the aftermath of your character’s death, please check the Game Over section below!

game over

If your character dies (either because they switched Factions, or if you killed them off in a rp) before the mission ends, they will return to the Academy. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to return to the mission unless they purchase a Reincarnation Tablet or a Possession Array. If they do end up purchasing one of these items, the gems used will not be calculated into their total rank, but they will be able to continue the mission.

If your character chooses to not continue the mission, the gems they earned up to then will be calculated and added to their rank. After that, your character will essentially be given a vacation until the next mission begins. Feel free to chat up some of your seniors during this time!



Read all of our core journals.

Please read all of our core journals to understand how this group runs. That especially pertains to this rules journal.

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to note the group!

Both casual and serious rpers are welcome! You can get involved with the plot, or chill at your own pace.

The rating of this group is pg-15.

That means that only people 15+ can join this group. Please be truthful and don’t lie about your age to get into the group. We are unlikely to be able to check your age, so we are trusting you to be truthful. In turn, please respect the trust that the mods are giving you.

Characters are allowed to be under 18, but they are not allowed to be shipped with any character above 18.

All NSFW content must be kept to the NSFW channel/s on discord. We are defining NSFW content as visual or written content that you would not want your boss/co-worker/parents/young child to see at a glance over your shoulder (Eg. Sexual or gorey content). Even if you do not mind, please keep in mind that other people in the group would care. So please keep all NSFW content out of the regular channels. Anyone who ignores this rule will be warned. If they repeatedly break this rule with no consideration for the warnings, you may be banned from the group.

Respect the mods and fellow members.

We will not tolerate any forms of harassment made towards the mods and the members. Please remain reasonable, professional, and polite.

If a member expresses that they are uncomfortable with what you are saying or that they are sensitive about a certain topic, respect their wishes to the best of your abilities. If a situation arises, either choose to leave the conversation, maturely talk to the person/people involved privately, or report it to the mods with proof.

If you are caught harassing anyone, we will investigate the situation and give the appropriate response. This may result in a warning, or you may be directly removed from the group, depending on what the mods decide.

We also emphasize that it is very important that if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to alert the mods! Even if you are unsure whether it is worth telling us, please communicate with us. It is our job as mods to ensure that your experience in this group is positive and pleasant. However, we cannot be monitoring every situation at all times, and we cannot always tell if someone is feeling uncomfortable, so please let us know and communicate with us.

The mods will be making decisions as fairly and impartially as possible.

Note us on da with complaints.

Do not vent in the discord server. If you have a complaint about how the group is being run, or a complaint about another character or member, NOTE us about it. This is to avoid causing a mess in the server when emotions may end up running high. Remember that the mods are going to try to make the most impartial decision possible and that fighting another member is grounds for a warning, and even getting kicked out of the group is a possibility if the situation is serious enough.

Refrain from bringing personal troubles or negativity to the chat.

The group is not here for venting and we are not mental health professionals. Controversial or triggering topics are best left to private conversations outside of the server. Please try to keep the mood of the group relaxing and positive.

No overpowered characters.

Godmodding and powerplaying is not permitted. Godmodding is when you make your character all powerful and all knowing. Your character is limited to the skills of the role they are inhabiting in each mission unless you purchase more skills. If your character does not have the skill, you cannot suddenly make your character develop it. Your character also does not have the knowledge that you do. This means that even though you may have read another character’s application and know things about them, your character only knows the information that they have personally been exposed to. This also pertains to lore, plot and information about the NPCs. You may know this information but unless your character discovers it, they cannot act on the information you have. Please put the word ‘leaf’ when submitting your app to confirm you have read the rules.

Powerplaying is what happens when you decide the actions of another character without their permission. For example, if your character stabs another character, do not immediately say that the other character has been stabbed. Let the other character react. The other character could dodge, but if you state that they have been stabbed, that is powerplaying. Powerplaying would discourage people from interacting with your character because you would be taking control of their character without their permission. If you are not sure or have questions about if you’re godmodding or powerplaying, feel free to ask the mods.

No tracing, no copying, no stealing.

There is a no tolerance policy. Anyone who is caught will be permanently banned and blacklisted.


General Guidelines


Hyped up to join? Here are some general guidelines!

Every member will start off with one character in first year, although additional character slots may be unlocked from the Store! Your character does not have to be human (for example, they can be a spirit), but they must be humanoid or possess a humanoid form! However, please also note that they will not be able to keep any of their inhumane traits after they transmigrate into a world, unless the role they receive is not human to begin with!

Unnatural hair colours and eye colours are A-OK, but keep in mind that any features you put on the application will be the ones they will keep when they transmigrate. This will be fine if the world turns out to be a modern one, but note that there are worlds based off of a fantastical Ancient China setting, so they would be shunned in those if their appearance looks too outlandish.

If you think you're ready to start your character application, check out the Character Application journal for further information!


Please make sure you have made a reservation on the Reservation journal first!

Once you have completed your application, please note the group with your application when we are open for app checks. Only one application check will be given, so please have your application as complete as possible when you send it in to be checked. We will provide you with feedback as quickly as possible, so please be patient.

In addition, please be aware that receiving a positive app check does not mean that your join request will be automatically accepted. But please don't think that being declined means we disliked your character! The group is just accepting a certain number of people based on how many the mods think is manageable for the first semester. We would love to see you again in future openings!

Unnatural hair colours and eye colours are A-OK, but keep in mind that any features you put on the application will be the ones they will keep when they transmigrate. This will be fine if the world turns out to be a modern one, but note that there are worlds based off of a fantastical Ancient China setting, so they would be shunned in those if their appearance looks too outlandish.If you’re ready to submit your application, send a join request to the group with the following:


Character name:

Application link:

In addition, please include the word found in the Rules journal so we know you have read the group rules!