T.O.S & Rules

Beromimis are closed species. This means you can't make your own without permission. Please take a look at the rest of my T.O.S too.

  • At sellings, I can do holds if: The buyer has already bought anything from me and they can pay within 72h. I can make other exceptions, but only when I know I can trust the buyer.
  • You must notify me when the owner is changed.
  • You are able to change the design of the adoptable once bought, as well as the gender (please read below to know all the changes you can make).
  • You are able to trade or resell the design again, but not with a higher price of what you paid for it. You will be able to resell it for a higher price if you paid more art for it, but make sure the artists are okay with it. Remember trades/gifts/requests don't count, only for what you paid for it.
  • You are able to make vouchers if you paid for the design. Same rules as a resale are applied here.
  • You can not claim the design as yours unless it's a MYO made by you. If not, you should always credit me or the MYO artist.
  • I won't accept any refund/exchange once paid. If you don't want it anymore you'll have to resell/trade it. I can make exceptions if the period of bought is really short, you've had serious financial problems and no one is interested in rebuying it from you.
Changes you can make on premade Beromimis

Always should be notified to me.

  • You can't change their skin color. Not dark to light or viceversa. You can add or remove beauty marks or freckles.
  • You can't change Beromimis plushies (only colors).
  • You can't change Beromimis markings on ears/tail (only colors).
  • You can change their gender.
  • You can change their clothes a bit, but not too much. 
  • You can make new outfits for them and as many as you want.
  • You can't make NSFW art, writings or background of your Beromimi. Since we're talking about child-like species, anatomy and personalities it would be extremely uncomfortable and just something I would never accept, so you'd probably go directly to my blacklist. Plus they're asexual.
You can change more things or add wings and other traits to your Bero by purchasing trait potions here!

Harassement, toxicity, drama, etc:

I won't tolerate any kind of harassment towards anyone (being part of the community or not) over Beromimis or Bero related stuff.

If you have a problem with any Bero owner or is related to Beromimis try to solve things with diplomacy and let me know if you can't. If you see anyone harassing someone over Bero related stuff let me know ASAP so we can try to solve it.

Beromimi plagiarism:

I won't tolerate any kind of harassment towards anyone for copying or being inspired in Beromimis. I'll add you on my blacklist without hesitation if you do it. Try to avoid drama at all cost, please!

I don't like the idea of people making other closed species similar as Beromimis or a species that contains the word Bero on it (for me any kemonomimi with plush ears or tail is already similar to Beros), however I'm comfortable with people making their own OCs that have Bero traits, as long as they don't make it a CS (and I hope they would like to purchase a MYO some time to convert it? c;)
However, you have the right to do it. I also have the right to add you on my personal blacklist, which means I won't sell any Bero directly to you, as well as commissions.
If you'd cause any problem to me or Bero owners I will make it public.

Though there had existed adoptables that had plush ears and tails, I was the first person who ever made a CS that had plush kemonomimi traits (maybe I'm wrong so I invite you to prove it, although I've investigated tons of times), back in May of 2015 (you will find the proof on my DA group, which was created when I announced the species).

These species have meant a lot to me and I put much effort on them. I would appreciate if you respected my creativity and don't copy them, thank you!

MYO Slots Rules
Submit here for approvals!

  • Once purchased, your DA username will be added to the Masterlist within a 72h (orange section). If you aren't there after a week, check your PayPal e-mail and if there isn't any message from me, contact me
  • If you want to make the purchase with DA points, check out the commission form in my DA page
  • Check out the MYO Guidelines!

Guest Artist Rules
Submit here for approvals!

What do I get?
✿ Be able to create and sell as many Beromimis as you want per month. So it would mean infinite MYO slots in a month + possibility to sell them. It will last until the same day of the next month, so if you bought it at the 3rd of May, it will last until the 3rd of June.
✿ Have a Discord Guest Artist role and announce your Beros there.If you only want to purchase slots to make OCs for yourself, I recommend you buying a MYO slot! :)

  • Your DA username will be added to the Guest Artist list (red section) within the following 72h. If a week have passed or your Beros are already finished and you're not there, contact me.
  • You must copy and paste this to every adopt submission you make anywhere:
  • All Beros must be approved by me or any mod. My reply can take up to 24h to be done. I prefer being notified by submitting on the link above.
  • All Beros ownership must be notified to me or any mod so they can be added to the masterlist. So if the Bero is sold to someone, you have to let me know. Remember to check out my Blacklist (gray section) before selling any Bero.
  • Already existing characters can be turned into Beromimis using this subscription. The design doesn't have to be yours but make sure the artist is ok with it. If you use someone else's design it can only be owned by you, not sold. So it would work as a MYO slot.
  • You will have to create and sell the Beromimis in the same month you purchased the subscription, counting that it will last until the same day of the next month (so if the purchase was the 5th of May the final day to sell a Bero will be 5th of June).
    If you created a Beromimi before the expiring date but wasn't sold, you will have to keep it to yourself, purchase another subscription or sell it as a non-Bero.
    Payments that are pending from buyers don't have a deadline for my part.
  • You can't gift any of the Beros created within this subscription.
  • You can't collab with someone else if the other person isn't subscribed too.
  • You can make hybrids with other species if you own them, have MYO slots (and the owner of the CS is ok with it) or you also are a Guest Artist (and again you have permission).
  • Edits on GA Beros  will have to follow the changes guide explained both in my T.O.S and MYO guidelines for Bero section.
  • For any other issue, please contact me.
  • I won't accept any refund.
  • Exceptions: You couldn't sell any Beromimi for some reason. You got a personal problem and you won't be able to sell anything. If you contact me, we can discuss this.
  • Create the Beros before purchasing the subscription so you have more time to sell them!
  • Submit them in the Beromimis DA group or announce them in the Discord group.