Please read all the info about Beros before making any question!


✿ Can I make an alternate version of my Bero as another CS/race/universe?

- Yes! As long as you keep giving me the credit for the original design (if I made it) and species.

✿ Can my Beromimi be part of any universe I'd like?

- Yup. The origin of the Bero will be Nebaland but they can exist in any alternate universe after they are born (read about the world first!).

✿ Can my Bero be a hybrid with another CS?

- Yes it can be! I've actually made some like these as collabs with other CS owners, so as long as you own these species or have a MYO slot or whatever you've agreed with the CS owner, go ahead!


✿ Can I change my Beromimi traits/colors/gender/skin?

- Please go here to see the changes you can make!

✿ Can I make an alternative hairstyles and outfits for my Bero?

- Of course!


✿ Can I make Beromimis fan art?

- Sure! As long as the owner of the OC is okay with it.

✿ Can I sexualize my Bero?

- When it comes to make their body more sexually appealing, I would prefer if not. Beromimis have a childish type of body, so it means they don't have much muscle mass or big breasts/hips. However, there are always exceptions and I would love if they were justified (so there's a reason behind).

When you are refering in making NSFW art or writings of your Beromimi, no. They are physically and psychologically as children and they don't have any sexual need since their reproduction is not sexual. It would make me (and most part of the community) extremely uncomfortable and I could put you on my blacklist.

✿ Are you claiming plush ears and tails kemonomimis as your own?

- Of course not. I'm claiming to be the first one to have the idea to make these traits as a CS tho!

✿ Can I make an OC that has Beromimi traits?

- Yeah! I'm totally comfortable with this as long as you don't call it a Beromimi.

✿ Can I make my own closed species that are inspired by Beromimis?

- Read what I think of Bero plagiarism on my T.O.S and Rules section!