Species Info

Beroa = plushie + Mimi = ears

They are called Beromimis or Beros as an abreviature.
Beromimis were created in May of 2015 by 

Sorry for my English, hope I can write this better soon!


They are kemonomimis with stuffed ears and tail.
Their anatomy is child-like (<12 - 18). They don't usually have big breasts or hips, as well as a lot of muscles though there can be exceptions, because they don't need to sexually reproduce so their bodies don't adapt to have children. Their voices are quite acute as well and they don't grow a lot. They never have facial hair unless it's justified. Though they can die, they never grow old, so you'll never see them with wrinkles. Their life lasts the same as a normal human.

Beromimis can be very different to each other, they can be different type of kemono animals and the type of materials/patches/style can vary a lot.
They usually have patches and other markings as hearts, stars, laces, bows, buttons, etc, but they can just not have anything in particular. The type of patterns can also vary a lot and they can be floral, polka-dots, gradations or even figures! One thing for sure, they all have stuffed animal ears (obviously they don't have human ears)!



Each one has their personality, but they tend to be childish.
They usually like to be spoiled and play with toys a lot. They are also usually honest and kind. Although they may act like a child, they are not dumb! Beros have elevated intelligence and can be ver responsible of themselves and others. They are childish because that makes them happy, acting like they truly are.

Due to their history as species (click here to read), they are known for being good people. They like to experience happiness and make others happy as well, that's why they are usually very generous, honest and kind. That doesn't mean they don't like having fun of people or joking around, as well as being a bit tough or unsocial if they want/need to. Beros treat themselves good and they will always try to avoid feeling depressed, that's why they won't relationate with people that make them feel bad. In general, they will always try to bring a bit of happiness and wellness to everyone.

Beromimis hate being alone (though there can be exceptions) that's why they need a plush that always keep them company, but they will always try to be surrounded by others and, of course, helping them out!

Fashion is a very important thing for Beros! They need their clothes to transmit their personality.

As said above, Beros are usually happy, but they can also feel sad, depressed or angry! Without a plush, they will feel lonely and sad.


They like eating a bit of everything (each one can have their own particular taste) but they will probably avoid eating things that have caused harm to animals or the earth. That doesn't necessarily mean they're vegeterian but to eat food from animals that have had a good, healthy life.

Their favourite food are sweets though! They could be eating them all day.


Beromimis always have a plush with them, but they can have not or have more than one, up to three plushes per Bero. They can also have a plush that doesn't look like them or are even another animal different than them (for example a cat Bero that has a bear plush).
They are made and given by their parents when they are born, this explains what I said above. Some Beros might have lost or found another plushie. If, for example, there are siblings/friends and one dies, the other might "adopt" their plush, as well as they can try making or finding a substitute for their lost plush.
Most of the times the plush matches with the Beromimi, though.

Plushes are usually magic and alive, though there are Beros whose plushes are just normal ones (that would depend on their background).

Beromimis need a plush in order to be happy. They don't have any particular magic property but without them Beros  can feel too alone.


Beromimis don't have any type of sexual needs, though they kiss and cuddle to express their love towards others. They have reproductive organs but they don't have the libid or capacity to sexually reproduce (so they are sterile).

They just don't reproduce. The magic sorcerer just make them appear on Nebaland and Beros raise between themselves. There's a special baby center where newborn Beros appear and get nourished until they're 10 years old.
All Beromimis are born on Nebaland and when they are 10 years old their minds are already adult, so they can live by their own and leave Nebaland by themselves if they wish to.

There can be any type of gender and romantic identity, though as I mentioned they are asexual. Polygamy is not really a thing, so they usually have only one romantic partner but they usually love (unromantically) everyone and everything on a really big level, like the way a nun or a priest love their god. They of course can get in and out of a relationship, if it's between two Beros on really good terms.

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Types of animals

Beros can be any terrestrial mammal animal, and although there are a lot of exceptions, they usually share some personality traits based on it.


  • Cats: Cat Beros like being a bit independant, observing and tend to be a bit reserved, but they also love protecting others. Good talkers.
  • Bunnies: They're soft, delicate and usually very shy, but once they feel safe they are very affectionate. Tend to cry easily.
  • Dogs: Usually very friendly and outgoing and tend to... get distracted easily. They usually love winning at any game.
  • Bears: Bear Beros love sharing affection with others and are usually very generous, as well as a bit gluttony. They also tend to be quite persistent in reaching what they want.


  • Fox/wolf: Very intelligent, sneaky and like making fun of others to play with them. Sometimes you don't know if you should trust them but they all have a big heart.
  • Mice: A bit shy and reserved but very hard workers. They like telling the truth at all cost.
  • Bats: Playful and innocent. Good listeners.
  • Squirrel: Generous and clumsy.
  • Tiger/lion: Patient but can be aggressive if they get mad. Shy at sharing feelings and like doing physical work.
  • Racoon: Love to prank others and are usually very skilled at anything.


  • Goats and sheep: A bit lazy but funny talkers.
  • Deer: Graceful and a bit conceited, like feeling pretty. 
  • Monkey: Playful, like telling jokes and they're very good at sports.
  • Horse: Noble.
  • Unicorn/alicorn: Graceful, they hardly ever get angry or upset.
  • Others