Rules & Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines
for Cyber Pixies


all members must strive to abide by the rules of Cyber Pixies, their corresponding group/world, and any off-branching properties!

if a minor rule is broken, it will be met with a warning, as a major rule being broken will be met with a possible ban
every mod will try to handle all situations independently & with it's own result, no case being assumed and no person being punished unfairly. as the mods are human, this may be hard to maintain based on the situation, but it is a promise we will try to keep for the comfort and safety of others!

1. absolutely no bigotry, hateful / obscene, or offensive comments / imagery / etc will be tolerated in the toyhouse world, deviantart group, discord server, or any other aspect of Cyber Pixies. this includes messages, comments, designs, private messages, etc

2. no badtalk about the species, it's members, or it's staff will be tolerated under any degree. if you notice anyone within the species, poking fun / bashing / making fun of the species, it's designs, members, or staff, please report it privately through dms. do not escalate issues, and no threats or insults at the initial crowd will be tolerated. if you notice threats of any kind towards the group / world / members / etc, report them immediately to mods, please do not respond or make matters worse

3. the mods would prefer to keep Cyber Pixies a PG13+ space. this means swearing is allowed, as long as it's moderate. but slurs, hateful language, and graphic descriptions / imagery / etc are not allowed. also, no nsfw / sexual topics, media, etc are welcome within official Cyber Pixie spaces (deviant art group, toyhouse world, or discord server)
all members of the species are allowed to have nsfw literature / art / etc of their characters within the species, but they MUST be censored or locked accordingly. for deviantart and toyhouse, this means properly applying warnings to images / literatures so guests/minors/unwanted viewers cannot see them. for discord, this means no imagery, conversations, sharing links, or otherwise discussing nsfw / sexual things AT ALL
there is no way to properly check every member's ages, especially once the species grows, so we would prefer to be safe than sorry about any situations that could arise
( if you are a nsfw artist, in any regard, you are free to join the species & own designs! as long as your sexual content is properly tagged/warned and you follow the rules above )

4. you must have a valid toyhouse to participate in the species. Cyber Pixies will minorly promo events, adopts, or otherwise on deviantart, but our main location is here!
PLEASE do not close your toyhouse account without warning mods of the decision & properly transferring your Pixies to a mod temporarily / planning to reupload them on a new account

5. no member, or mod, is allowed to bypass a ban through new account(s), friends/partners aiding them in participation, or otherwise. a ban is applied for a reason, and will rarely be lifted. contacting mods about an apology or to resolve an issue that let your ban is okay, but clear interaction is prohibited and will result in a perma-ban

6. you are NOT allowed to create your own Cyber Pixie, or similar, without obtaining an myo / the correct trait items. if you simply happened to make a one-off / species design that shares the traits of a tech based fairy, that is of course not counted. if you have been proven to know about Cyber Pixies, and avoided the official group/world/server for them, to then make your own, that is what will get you in trouble
please also refrain from publicly posting any designs you do not own the myo / trait items for (post to auth only / private if you prefer, or mention somewhere on the profile about them being unofficial)
if you have voided a design from Cyber Pixies, we would PREFER you mention somewhere on the profile that the design was originally part of this species. if you would rather not for personal reasons though, that is okay

7. no commercial work of Cyber Pixies is allowed! only the owner may ever release commercial work of the species & it's surrounding works. members are allowed to advertise Cyber Pixie specific commissions of course, but no mass produced items (pins, stickers, etc), and plush making commissions must be approved from the mod team / owner

8. all myo designs have a 2 week cooldown before being traded / sold / voided. all official designs (adopts, customs, etc) have a 1 week cooldown before being traded / sold / voided. if you trade / sell / attempt to void a design before the cooldown is over, you will restart the cooldown & be given a warning

9. each design will either have the ability to be gifted, traded, or sold, unless voided from the species
if the character is voided from the species, we will not be responsible for its' trading/selling/etc. therefore, please refer to the DESIGNER'S TOS for clarification on what they allow

  1. if an myo / design has been gifted before without anything added on (purchase of a trait with usd, or traded for/bought art), then it may only be gifted
  2. if an myo / design has been traded before, without anything BOUGHT added on (purchase of a trait with usd, or purchased art), then it may only be traded
  3. if an myo / design has been gifted / traded before with things added on (purchase of a trait with usd, or traded for/bought art), then it may be traded/sold for it's worth + the worth of what was added (ex. common myo, traded for art + added $5 headshot = art worth + $5 usd)
  4. if an myo / design has been won through an event / raffle / etc, it retains it's usd worth, but can only be traded (for that worth). for example, if you won a design from the owner, worth $15 usd, you could only request around $15-ish usd worth of art / ocs / etc. no monetary value can be obtained from won designs, myos, traits, etc

10. please abide by each mod / member's tos or specific custom/commission details, not just this set of rules! that being said, it is required to provide any tos / rules upfront about customs, commissions, adopts, trades, etc in the ad post itself

11. if you would like to re-instate a voided cyber pixie (or pet), please provide proof of ownership (aka the toyhouse profile link that is public or viewable by a key) + complete the special unvoiding prompts found here.
until that prompt is approved, the voided character will not be considered a cyber pixie. though once it is re-instated, the date that the prompt was approved is when its' 2 week cooldown starts for transfers (for example: if the prompt was approved april 2nd 2022, then it'd be off cooldown april 16th 2022)

12. impersonation of another mod or member, will not be tolerated and usually result in a ban. on this note, we encourage users to not share their active toyhouse account with family members / partners / friends, and not let each other log into their accounts. anything posted under the guise of one user, will be taken that way, and could get someone in serious trouble

13. no members, or mods, may ever link any malware/virus-ridden content on any official section of Cyber Pixies. if found spreading anything of the sort, you will get banned until further notice. please be aware when browsing user's own toyhouse profiles, or other social media links, not affiliated with the species. we are not to be held responsible if harmful links/content is on someone's own profiles, but you are free to report it so users & mods can stay safe