Newbie Guide


hello, new user!

this guide is for any newcomers, those who need a refresher on the species, or just want to know more about Cyber Pixies! feel free to even request certain things be added to this list if you think it'd be of benefit!


can anyone join this species? - pretty much! we encourage users to thoroughly read of the rules and guidelines page though, as it outlines some preferred behavior within the community & what rules we require users to follow pertaining to the species. the only type of people we greatly discourage from joining the species is bigoted people & internet trolls
what happens if I break a rule/guideline? - it greatly depends on which one honestly. some art rather easy to fix through communication (like trading a pixie before it's cooldown is up), while some are much more serious (using slurs / hateful language towards any of the members). for the less serious rules, you may get talked to about whatever the issue is. while for the more serious ones, you may be kicked from the server/toyhouse world and put on temp or permanent ban. all users will be notified of this though, and given the reasoning why they were kicked/banned. most of the time users will also have a chance to defend themselves / apologize / etc, unless the user in question is a danger to the community (for example, knowingly exposing minors to nsfw content & similar)

rules & guidelines


what's an original species? - a fictional species created by someone & brought to life usually through a community, specific traits/visual representations, adopts, etc!
what's a semi-open / closed species? - this is an original species that's limited by it's usage, and has specific rules to follow when make your own. usually you need what's called an MYO (make your own) to be able to create your own of the species
how are MYOs obtained? - it depends on the species! for cyber pixies & cyber pets, there's a few ways. purchasing with usd, purchasing with species currency (bytes), winning in the arpg & events, trading with other users, or bribing the owner

myo shop (usd) - myo shop (bytes) (wip) - events - bribing corner (wip)


how do I use an myo I own? - please look over the rarities & traits applicable to your myo slot, choose the ones you want, and create your design! if you need help with certain traits, or are unsure of something, feel free to ask about it here or in the discord server
after your design is made, and you don't need to double check about traits or anything, copy the form here and comment it in the myo approval bulletin!

my Cyber Pixie/Pet is approved! can I sell/trade/gift the design? - it depends mostly on how you obtained your slot! please refer to rule 8 & 9 in the rules & guidelines for permissions

can I remove my Cyber Pixie/Pet from the species? can I keep them if so? - yes and yes! please see the voiding center bulletin for info on that & the proper form for doing so

i have a voided Cyber Pixie/Pet! how do i unvoid them? - see rule 11 of the rules & guidelines for the specifics on what to do!

rarities & traits (written) - cyber pixie traits (visual) - cyber pet guide (written) - cyber pet guide (visual)
rules & guidelines - voiding center - myo approval


what's an ARPG? - it stands for Art RolePlaying Game, which means a user use art/writing/crafting/etc to progress through a game-like series of prompts, activities, etc. usually you can earn rewards for effort put in, while growing your character's art gallery/literatures & personal story!
how do i 'play'? - check the arpg guide for cyber pixies below! if you ever have questions though, make sure to ask in the question corner, and the team will get back to you as soon as we can

arpg guide - user profile registration - question corner


what are Cyber Pixies? - cyber pixies are a humanoid species of faeries w/ tech based elements. users are free to make them either intangible & digital creatures, or physical beings, both are considered canon to their lore! or if you have a new idea for what they are, feel free to be creative with that! the team doesn't want to limit creativity for the species, and even encourage artistic freedom <3
what are Cyber Pets? - cyber pets are a feral-based companion species to cyber pixies, meant to be real (or mythical) animals w/ faerie & tech based elements. similar to cyber pixies, they can be either intangible or physical, and we won't be limiting creativity for them!

how did Cyber Pixies / Cyber Pets come to exist (lore wise)? - it's widely unknown how cyber pixies & their pet companions started population their island, and much research is needed before a final answer is decided upon. some theories involve the idea of one great virus that split off into many independently intelligent creatures. another theory is that a mutation / corruption spread across several faerie villages and altered their DNA into what we know now as cyber pixies. but it's almost fun to start new rumors or theories, so maybe the truth is yet to be found?
can my Cyber Pixie / Cyber Pet have unique lore? - yes! you can have any backstory to your characters within the species, as long as they physically represent the species (aka have proper traits needed). the given lore is simply to provide some history to the species if others want to use it

can my Cyber Pixie / Cyber Pet interact with other original species? - yes! this is 100% allowed, and we love to see users creating their own personalities/friendships for pixies & pets. though if the owner / mod team / etc of the other specie(s) you draw your pixie or pet with, don't allow it, please respect their wishes!

lore & locations (wip)


do I get rewarded for my art / writing for Cyber Pixies/Pets? - yes! please refer to the currency info and currency claims info for more information on what currency you get, and how much
what's this currency used for? - it can buy lots of things in the arpg, and even myos! check out the arpg guide for more info on both, as species currency is considered part of the arpg

can I make ych's / commissions for Cyber Pixies/Pets? - yes! and you're allowed to accept any form of payment for these
can i make bases / resources for Cyber Pixies/Pets? - yes! but we prefer them to be free to use please. if you'd like to set a price for your base, ask the owner before doing so

am I allowed to use a regular humanoid base for myos / art? - yes! for claiming currency for art, this would fall under bases though so it might limit your reward

currency info - currency claims - arpg guide


I've been referred to this species! how do I earn my reward / help my referer earn their reward? - all info about refers is found in the referral booth & treated as part of the arpg, so a user profile is mandatory

referral booth - user profile registration