Type Open Species
Origin of Creation 2011; via GaiaOnline

Species Details

  • Females have unicorn like horns, thicker longer hair down their back
  • Males have rhino like horns, and have shorter hair that stops around their shoulder blades
  • Their hind feet are hooved, and has longer fur down the leg
  • They are magic based, and thus there are special types available!

The type of magiwolf you get depends on the colouration and origin. They are available in 2 main groups: Nature and Energy.
Depending on which catagory and subcatagory, they get their 'powers' and luck from different sources.

Natural Magiwolves: These are magiwolves that draw on the power of animals, plants, crystals, rocks and the earth. These tend to be more naturally coloured, like real day to day animals. Earth "elementals" also go here.

Energy Magiwolves: These are magiwolves that draw on the power of elements such as water, fire, and lightning, or draw on energy of a particular emotion. These will often be more colourful, but yet still themed to their "element"

Some important notes;

  • They always have hair which can be in different styles
  • They can be either anthro or feral in appearance
  • They have intellect of an average anthro, even if drawn feral
  • Magiwolves can form packs, with a higher ratio of females to males on average
  • Magiwolves can have pets, or familiars! These are always small creatures no larger than house cats

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