Vi-Earth is a planet very similar to the original Earth located in the Xiao Galaxy. It orbits around a bio-luminescent planet named Allumen that behaves similarly to the sun, however most of everything has a blueish hue under its light. Vi-Earth is home to highly technologically advanced inhabitants, ranging from animals capable of shapeshifting to human-esque bodies, to sea spirits and guardians of other realms.

Unlike anything humans have discovered before, Vi-Earth is divided into three realms of existence. The Kingdom of Gods, where the two headed twin god Apophis fulfills bloodlust, is a floating, drifting island that soars through the clouds. Its position changes every few hours, which makes taking down the tyrannical beast even more difficult. Within this plane is the Gilded City, a place where those worthy of Apophis' favor are summoned to upon their death. No mortal has been able to access the Gilded City without succumbing to the afterlife, but cultists believe that the fabled escort, Viris, grants the ability to do so. It is unknown whether or not he even exists, or what the requirements are for such an opportunity. 

Beneath the surface of Vi-Earth lies a dark and empty place, cold with waterfalls of the blood of the damned, named Ninurta. It was once guarded by the Shadowkeeper, Hellius, who ensured violent spirits remained at bay. He was in charge of keeping Dea and Deus from reuniting. As a result of his failure and death, Apophis joined once again and rose above the mortal plane, commanding the spirits of demonic entities to do its bidding. The only one capable of returning the vengeful souls is Hellius' bastard son, a lost dredge wolf by the name of Sperren who is ignorant of his true destiny, accompanied by his troubled, undiscovered Bloodbane.

The second realm is the Plane of Life, where most mortals reside. It is one continent surrounded by vast, deep oceans. 

Notable locations/organizations are as follows:

- Wyndreth City; the capital of the Plane of Life, bustling with thousands of citizens. Located in the middle-east of the continent. Known for the Subtiliter Library, the tallest building, located in the center of the city. It is maintained, owned, and guarded by Arnythium. Some who overestimate the journey to ancient knowledge never emerge. 

On a desolate road dubbed Lowley Lane in the western quadrant of the city is the threat of thugs, and most notably the Bluebird Gang, a bandit organization dedicated to providing to the poor and stealing from political/wealthy inhabitants. Those affiliated with Apophis are not welcome, and will be disposed of as necessary. At the seat of command is a sly opossum, nicknamed XZ, who has appointed a very useful intimidation expert and executor (and coincidentally, Sperren's misguided Bloodbane) named Vypr. 

- The Cynsic Mountains; a 230 mile long, snowy range of mountains north of Wyndreth City. Occupied by Apophis' loyal servant, Keres, a spirit of revenge and death. Many travelers are abducted and devoured by the dragon, or disappear never to be heard of again. 

- The Wildlands; home to sprites, nymphs, seraphs, and forest jesters. East of Wyndreth City and just a few miles from Boones. Holds magical powers that can open time wounds, allowing a short trip to the past and back into the depths of the forest. Rouge Rautdaubers, some inflicted with rabies and even Zephever, dominate most of this area.

- Boones; a town known for black magic just a few miles from Driscol Beach and southeast of Wyndreth City. While smaller in comparison to Wyndreth City, Boones is quite large and called home by just under 70,000 language-capable life forms. It is older than any of the other settlements on Vi-Earth, dating back to when the world was first created and cared for by the deity of all magic, Iapetus. Worship of the dragon is prohibited under Apophis' rule, the god sending its abominations known as Rautdauber's to carry out the law.

- Driscol Beach; small fishing town on the shore of the Snowy Sea. Has a reputation for good luck due to the sea spirit, Solliciti, who blesses the travels of sailors.

- The Snowy Sea; a cold and expansive ocean surrounding the Plane of Life. Notorious for swallowing ships and wreaking havoc on fishing boats, not to mention below freezing temperatures. Legends say that the Snowy Sea has pockets that drain waterfalls into Ninurta, where the water turns to blood. Some even speculate that a shark-like demon, named Abelas, resides within its depths.


 In the expanse of Vi-Earth's land, a fearsome species of creature always lurks, always watches. As of late, Apophis has continued its chaotic rule by creating the abominations known as Rautdaubers--an alienlike carnivorous amalgamation summoned for the ultimate purpose of enforcing its creator's wishes. They are fierce, violent, and ravenous beasts that breed like rabbits, and age even faster. Nothing is more dangerous than a pack, and even lone ones, especially those with disease, can prove fatal.