Traditions and Customs

traditions & customs

Wedding Customs

Bunnarium Weddings are often influenced by many things, including whether they are a nomadic or city Bunn. Weddings are held by both traditional romantic partners and queerplatonic life partners as a celebration of their relationship.

The Visiting

At the start of the day, the engaged Bunns will visit either their blood relatives or chosen family and serve them food/tea. They will also gift each other's family gifts, but it's customary for the family to return the gifts to the couple for their future.


Traditionally weddings are usually done at sites dedicated to the God and their Consort or at temples/churches. Nomadic Bunns are more likely to travel to the sites and city Bunns tend to go to the temples/churches. However this is not necessary and Bunns may eschew visiting a location because the ritual itself can be done anywhere.

The Ritual 

Usually performed at night under moonlight. 

The traditional ritual involves:

The exchanging of vows over a small fire or lantern. This is followed by walking around the flame while each other holds the end of a long cloth, sort of like going around a maypole. With each circle they near each other until they're close enough for their shoulders to graze. When this happens, they will both move/hop over the fire or lantern while holding hands and exchange a small piece of jewelry (this can be a ring, bracelet, hairclip, anklet, necklace). 

In situations where a Bunn has a wheelchair, they may either have a chosen friend/family member push their chair around the pole/by the fire or their soon-to-be spouse may decide to take on their role instead, which is often preferred because it's more intimate.

The simple ritual, typically done by nomadic bunns, involves: 

The exchanging of vows with the moon as the primary source of light and shining down on them. Once this is done, the engaged Bunns move over or jump over a symbolic line on the ground. This line may also be lit up with a small fire if desired. Many of the blessed sites have specific lines that have been redrawn by generation after generation of Bunns getting married. 


There's often a dinner provided by the relatives or chosen family to feed everyone as a celebration. They often cook way more than is needed to feed everyone and leave the rest for the newlyweds.