Member Guilds

These are member-led guilds

Please speak with WENZ first if you are thinking of making a guild so we make sure existing canon-guilds don't clash. If you wish to run prompts for guilds and for them to be awarded chimes, please speak with me and we can arrange something.

Beach Bunns

"Warming your bun in the sun."

Leader Bunn: Almase

Contact: 82bee on TH/discord

What the guild is about:
This is a guild for those with a sunny outlook on life, and those who might be a little salty.
Do you enjoy long walks on the beach?
That sweet, salty breeze rustling through, and creating that wind tousled look for your glorious hair?
Do you care about the world we live in, and want to honor it's gifts to us?
Then Beach Bunns is for you, we have all that and more!

Special Activities:
- beach clean up, let's keep our lands beautiful!
- arts and crafts using the natural flotsam and jetsam that wash up on shore
- days to just relax and spend time with the guild and make new friends
- weekly bonfire, with snacks and story telling

Punch Club

"Come for the punches, stay for the punch"

Leader Bunn: DJs the figurehead, but Jian-shi's the real leader

Contact: Either on here or toyhouse, just look for aalleeyyee :fist:

What the guild is about:
Hi there, do you like punching things? Have a stressful life and just need something to help you unwind? Come join punch club! Where a group of likeminded individuals come to fight out all the stress and become closer as friends. Once the punches have all been thrown, we meet at the local pub to have a pint and shoot the breeze. Everyones welcome!

Sweets and Stories

"Sweets, treats, and stories good enough to eat."

Leader Bunn: Felix/Fig

Contact: Bambidear on TH/RobynHood on discord

What the guild is about:
Baking sweets and telling stories, whether they’re based on real events or made up. All stories are welcomed, from the spooky to the kooky. Come fill up your bellies as well as your ears.