Technology and Magic

technology & magic


Bunns is more fantasy based and a vast majority of Bunns in canon (so NPCs and all) are nomadic, which is why there are huge clusters of specific skills in specific cities. Nomadic Bunns interested in that usually flock to where there’s the strongest guild. 

Caravans drawn by horse/mule/donkey is, by and large, the biggest mode of transport for most people. Silk-and-bamboo kites which utilize gas to stay afloat and carry people are typically rare and only used in emergencies and only really in Autumn as envoys to other cities. 

Birds/flying creatures are used as messengers primarily between places. 

Publishing is super important to them as is literacy. All kits learn how to read and write. Mass Printing-based technology exists but how it’s done varies from place to place. 

For boats they are still primarily rowing/wind based (but there ARE some that use a newfangled steam engine!) and they are often skilled sailors and star readers.

Medical Technology

Medical tech is pretty advanced but relies on a strong foundation of herbal knowledge and a more traditional yin/yang balance in autumn which other cities don’t really get or pay attention to (which I don’t know how to explain but heaty/cooling foods). 

Holy magic is used as well for healing in a more traditional rpg sense - but this is currently not available in the Bunn world.


Magic on the World requires herbs and a careful study of how to use it. There is a basic magic relying on the principle of balance between the five elements. 

Each Bunn may find an affinity with a specific element - either Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. 

Holy and Dark magic exists but is much more rare. This magic is believed to be related to the God and Consort respectively.