Bunnariums are born with a wind chime either clutched in their hand or inside of their bodies. In some situations, baby bunns are born with multiple wind chimes. These wind chimes allow the bunns are able to interact with things, albeit invisibly, in their arium.

Baby bunns (otherwise referred to as kits, kids, or children) have fully formed ariums in their bodies but it is possible for the number of ariums and arium types to change as the bunn grows older. 

There are legends of Bunns who have lived for thousands of years but most Bunns live up to the mid 200. They often don’t look elderly until about 170 years of age.


Bunnariums hold jobs of all types. Known for their curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and fairness, many are often found living semi-nomadic lives but there are four main cities named for the seasons they personify.

While there are a select few that help lead and teach the Bunns as a whole, it is possible for any Bunn to become a leader and teacher through quests and events.


Bunnariums believe that a rabbit that came down from the moon is their ancestor. There are many festivals and celebrations that worship the moon and the moon's beloved, the sun.

Religion & Origin Beliefs

The Bunn religion is actually more of a free-for-all. Each Bunn is allowed to celebrate in their own way, or free to not believe there is a god. There's no stigma against either. There are of course traditions tied to the religion - such as the midautumn festival and weddings. Of course, there's Blessed traits and so in canon, a lot of the Bunns do believe, but this is nothing I will police.

Some Bunns have altars, other prefer to go to temples, and others just whisper small prayers to themselves and leave offers out in the moonlight in the hope that the "spirit" of the food will reach up to the sky and nourish the God and Consort.

As mentioned in lore, Bunns believe that they came from the moon and they do believe the God and their Consort reside on the moon mostly. They believe that the initial gods were made by hand by their God who set them below to become their own people because their God loved them too much to keep them on the moon where only their crystaline forest and plants exist. They believe that while their God choses not to interfere because their God believes in free will; that once in a while they come down to celebrate with them in the guise of a regular Bunn. During these visits, they bless some Bunns who come in contact with them and this results in odd traits that aren't typically common, such as the moon phase pupils.

They believe that the Consort came from the sun but fell in love with their God and choses to stay with their beloved. It's said that the sun still provides light and heat for plants to grow out of a desire to see the world their beloved makes flourish. They do believe that all creatures came from the sun but all plants came from the moon.


While some of these events will sync up to our real world calendar, there will be others that will be dependent on the Bunnarium seasonal cycle.

- Lunar New Year (This syncs up to our real-world calendar!)

- Water festival / Festival of Colors (Summer)

- Mid autumn/spring (depending on the season cycle - syncs up to Midautumn festival)

- Festival of Thanks - Winter Solstice

Animals and Mythical Creatures

Any animal that exists on our world exists on the Bunnarium world. There are also creatures unique to Bunnariums (companion species) which are still being designed.

Mythical creatures supposedly exist on the Bunnarium world but have only been spotted in other Bunn's ariums. Bunns with mythological creatures often report them to researchers and librarians for documentation and observation of their habitat and behaviors.