Welcome to Ferality! This group is designed for feral animals to gather; it is not so much of a roleplay group as it is for a display of your characters. If people decide to meet and begin to build relationships between their characters (be it in the form of roleplay, art ships, or something else) then that is a perk of the group! This group is designed for animal characters only and, though it is called Ferality, anthro characters are accepted too. These animals are not limited to cats, dogs, or other regular mammals but we do not accept avians, reptiles, or amphibians! This is designed for the fuzzies - animals based off of food and/or are gore based are also accepted. Closed species are also not accepted for the time being but that might change if/when the group grows.

You can currently advertise the characters you are trading/selling by messaging me with the request to put them in a certain folder (if their name does not say that they are up for sale/trade).


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