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Hello! Is this world still active? I bought a character some months ago that I only just found out is directly connected to this world. It is a paselchi named Raja originally made by Rousumouse. I was curious enough to go snooping and found this place and now I am interested in it, but I want to know more first before I enter. :o It looks rly rad tho!!

Hi :D you can use your paselchi outside of this world of course. This world is still active, as it is part of my main project. But I won't do trails and stuff anymore because of lack of interest from the members. I do quests tho. So far there are just 2 quests. Rewards might change over time, I have to rethink some parts of this and when I have more time to spend I will add more quests as well :D

Hmm... What would the quests entail? :o Also, thank you for replying!

you grow a level (that might change tho) and you earn in game currency that can get used for items that give features to your character :D