Alpacheeb Species Info


Alpacheebs are a new and partly free collectable evolving species. (Means there will be free breeds but also some you might have to pay for. This is still a wip tho)

There will be different breeds of Alpacheebs.

If you get to own one breed, you can customize it with finishing and posting art to your dA gallery!


You own a Dalmatian Alpacheeb. Dalmatian Alpacheebs are white with black spots. Once you finished one colored artwork, you can give your Dalmatian Alpacheeb another pelt color with the markings you want.

1 finished artwork allows 1 customization for 1 of your Alpacheebs.

Important: Alpacheeb approval art does not count!

Here is a list of features you can add to your Alpacheebs: Alpacheeb Features

Keep things sorted in a tracker. Here is an early template: Alpacheeb Tracker

List of all breeds that were available yet:…

Some Rules:

You can not sell Alpacheebs unless you bought them for money or dA Points from JB-Pawstep - You can trade Alpacheebs only for other Alpacheebs. If you don´t want your Alpacheeb anymore, just delete / void it. This species is not a business market and mainly focuses on giving you motivation to finish your artworks.

Alpacheebs you got for free are not transferable at this point and they might not become transferable at all.

You can only claim 1 Alpacheeb per breed. To claim it, you need to draw it within the deadline. (Each breed will only be available for a certain period of time.)

If there is an open adopt of the same breed, you can get it, even if you already got a free one.

"I put work into my Alpacheeb to give features to it. Why can´t I sell it?" - The work you put into your Alpacheeb should be work you would want to finish anyway. The mutations it grows from it are just a reward that should motivate you to draw. It doesn´t matter if you drew personal art, commissions or alpacheeb art. If it also contains art of the Alpacheeb I understand that you want to get something back. But I do not want this mainly free species to be abused by typcial adoptable business people. So if you don´t like this rule, I´m asking you not to start collecting them. There are many other species who support this kind of business.

The Boost Form is available for free for all Alpacheebs unless the breed´s description says different.

You can only use art to give a new feature to your alpacheeb once. The art needs to be posted AFTER your Alpacheep approval art.