Fink´s Shop

Well, hello. My name is Fink. I´m a witch. ..Maybe not the kind of witch you might think about now. 
My species is called "Witch". We once we´re banned to live very isolated due to our powers. My kind found out about the "Code of Being".  What that means? Hard to explain to someone unfarmiliar... Let´s just say, we can control and change everything. Since we made a promise to Destiny not to mess with her job, we keep our knowledge for ourselves and only use it for slight customizations that might not destroy the universe at some point. You want a pair of wings? Sure thing. 

You prefer a different kind of tail? Here you go. This kind of customizations, some Panerugans call them mutations. You won´t get these for free of course, hehehe. 
 I prepared some items for my customers. If you pick one I will enchante it in a way that only you can use it. Once you used it, it will lose it´s power. 
Some Items offer more than 1 mutation. You can only pick one of those per item you´re using. Each unlocked Mutation will get registered and is permanently - Only "Shifters" can turn mutations on and off. 
You can check them out below. 
Speach Bubble by JB-Pawstep

pawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.pngpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.pngpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png       If you found something you want to buy, please reply here: *CLICK*       pawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.pngpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.pngpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png 

IMPORTANT: Special Perks used to be a feature that unlock certain areas in this arpg - so far they have no new use!


Enchanted Peanut  

Price: 10xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Can change colors and shapes of your eyes. Does not make them glow and does not multiply them. Really just changes color and / or shape.
How to use: Eat it. Allergies? No worries, it´s enchanted after all.
Special Perks: None  

Enchanted Banana Peel 

Price: 10xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Gives one kind of Different Skin (adds your usual skin or replaces it, as you wish)

Wax Growth 
Earth  / Sand Skin
"normal" textured Skin
Slimey Skin
Can also grand:
Holes in Body / Hollow Body Parts / Pouches
How to use: Consume it. You can mix it and turn it into a shake with some actual bananas if you want to or just eat it like the animal you are.

Special Perks: None  
Paselchis - Rushing Wave Potion by Stygma 

Enchanted Water

Price: 10xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Gives one kind of Glands. The glands can be anywhere on your body.

Glands can ooze / spit / drool...
Liquid of your Choice 
How to use: Drink it

Special Perks: None for now - there will be a training pack to join at some point.


Enchanted Baby Tooth

Price: 20xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Gives one of the following Mutations: 

Saber Fangs
Fantasy SHAPED Teeth (no fantasy texture / material), 
diff. natural Teeth

How to use: Swallow it (urgh) or cook the enchantement out of it in water and drink it.

Special Perks: Saber Fangs and Tusks unlock the Training among Saber Warriors.


Enchanted Snail

Price: 20xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Gives one of the following Mutations: 

Turtle Shell
Snail Shell
Seashell Growth on body, can be single or multiple ones
Natural Armor

How to use: Eat the flesh or cook it all out and drink the water it was cooked in.
Special Perks: Any kind of Armor Mutation allows you to enter the Armor Defense Training.
Shiny Chestnut by JB-Pawstep

Enchanted Chestnut

Price: 30xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Gives one of the following Mutations: 

Halo (floats above, around or close to your body / head). One Halo only! Must be a ring or ring-like shape, creative interpretations of rings are allowed. Halos can glow / sparkle without the use of a second item.
Glow  - Makes your body / part of your body / your mutations glow.
Sparkles / Holographic - Makes your body / part of your body / your mutations glow / have an holographic effect.
Lametta, Ribbons, Tinsel - They can grow from anywhere of your body. They can sparkle, glow, be holographic, have any texture without the use of a second item.

Special Perks: 
Halos give you the ability to walk on clouds.  

Enchanted Brush

Price: 30xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Gives one of the following Mutations: 

Fur / Hair - Longer / Shorter / Differently textured adds fur / hair where your character has none.
Whiskers - In face / on head only!
Antennas - Can grow anywhere
Feather Coat / Growth - can grow anywhere
Special Body Shape / Species Change - If you change the species you will lose species exclusive features unless you unlocked them!
Example: If you are a Unicorn now and turn into a Beaver, you will not keep your horn!
Different Feet / Paws / Legs / Claws - Such as Duck Feet, Hooves, Insect Legs, Bird Legs, Talons, Different Claws 

How to use: Brush your body with this brush to grow fur / hair, to make it longer / shorter, give it different texture (curly, flat, etc).

Special Perks: None

Enchanted Clover

Price: 30xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Multiplies one of the following features to give you more than 1 of them:

Tails, heads, halos, mouths, antlers, horns, legs, wings, eyes, ears, snouts, genitals (don´t look at me like that, I know some of you are into that)
How to use: Eat it.

Special Perks: none


Enchanted Feather

Price: 50xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Gives one of the following pair of wings, to grow on the back:

Insect Wings (All kind of Insect Wings)
Feathered Wings
Webbed Wings
Fabric Wings

How to use: Take the feather with you while you´re sleeping. When you wake up you will have a pair of wings.

Special Perks: You can fly and join the Air Force training.

Braveheart Branch by JB-Pawstep

Enchanted Branch 

Price: 50xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Gives one of the following Mutations: 

These mutations are made of keratin / bone only. You can not have golden Unicorn Horns through this mutation.
Horns / Antlers grow on your head only.
1 pair of Antlers / Horns only. Spikes can grow as many as you wish, anywhere you wish. They should not look like horns / antlers.
Unicorn Horn can have a fantasy shape, must be on the forehead, must be made of keratin or bone.

How to use: Eat it´s bark.

Special Perks: Horns / Antlers allow you to enter the Cornimas Unit and train among the other Cornimas!

Enchanted Ribbon

Price: 50xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Grows one Different Tail where tails usually grow
Reptilian Tail, Sting Tail, different Mammal Tail, Fantasy Tail (can´t have elemental features)

How to use: Tie the ribbon at the root of your current tail or somewhere close your butt, if you don´t have a tail. In some hours you will notice a new tail will grow or your old one will magically change!

Special Perks: none


Enchanted Coral

Price: 50xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Gives one of the following Mutations: 

Aquatic Tail = Dolphin-, Shark-, Ocra- like,
Fish-Tail (fin like, also unlocks Fins on Body with one item use!), 
Lobste- / Shrimp Tail, 
Eel Tail - Can grow anywhere on the body.
Frill - Can grow anywhere on the body.
Scales - Can grow anywhere on the body.
Tentacles - Can grow anywhere on the body.
Fish Lures Can grow anywhere on the body.
These Tails replace the former tail of yours. Always grow were a normal tail would grow.
Manta Ray Wings - Grow left and right of the torso.
Flipper Legs - Replace former legs (Example: Sea Lion Legs. Does not remove the hind legs. Flipper Legs can replace one or more or all of your legs. You decide which ones.)

How to use: Crunchy Snack. Eat it. Tastes even better with some dip.

Special Perks: Fish Tail Mutations allow you to enter the Wave Force Training.

Nightsky Shell by JB-Pawstep

Enchanted Pearl 

Price: 80xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Gives one Super Natural Mutation of the following:

Aura / Illusionist - User can create a visible aura and illusions of objects that float on / around / in (if character is transparent) it´s body.

Adds Rocks / Gem Stones / Crystals to your body.
Turns body features and mutations into a rock / crystalized / gem texture version of those.

Flames Lava on body - (it will not burn you or others, unless you want it too. You will be able to spit fire and leave burning paw prints if you want to. They won´t harm nature, unless you want to. If you dare using it for destruction, I will turn you into a snail and throw you into Silver-Star River.
You can control blazes / flames, fire works and such.
Lightning, Bolts, Lasers, Glitches on your body. You can control thunder storms.
- You will be able to shoot lightnings from your body. If you use this power for destruction, I will use my power to destroy you. 

Water Snow Ice on body - You will be able to spit water / ice  /snow. You can leave wet / icy paw prints. You can control H2O.
If you use this power for destruction, I will turn you into a fish and put you into a human´s toilet. 

Plant Growth 
All common kinds of flora known on earth, can sprout from your body. Earth known fruits too.
Branches, Mushrooms.. everything with just one Mutation.
You can control any sprouting. You can leave sprouts in your paw prints.

Outside Bones
Bones / Bone plates, Rips, Skull Helmet, outside Spine, Bone Tail.. all this kind of creepy things.

How to use: Swallow it. Better don´t bite on it. You might lose your teeth.

Special Perks: 
Lapiseo, Flames, Electricity, H2OYou are allowed to join the Elemental Warriors`Training. (No Reward for now so please don´t enter it if you´re expecting to earn something. I´m not sure when and what I will add as reward)


Enchanted Bonbon

Price: 80xpawprint_coin_by_jb_pawstep-dd3jida.png

Gives one of the so called Strangeling Mutations:

Buttons - plastic only  - can replace eyes - you wont see anymore tho.

Zippers - can´t be used as pockets unless you have Holes in Body / Hollow Body Parts / Pouches

Marbles  - Glass ones - can replace eyes - you wont see anymore tho.

Fabric / Stiched Patches
Plushie - turns you into a plushie. All organs are gone!

Gummy Body Parts - any color allowed - super stretchable

Bells (bells can be golden, silver, copper or made of plastic)

Plasma Body / Body Parts

Transparence - Your flesh, organs, bones, blood and skin turn transparent. Or just your skin.. you decide. To "fill" the transparence with things you need the illusionist mutation.
Food on Body - All kind of food can grow on you... Not sure if I would want to eat that. 
Cyborg - Metal Skin, Mechanical Limbs = Turns existing body parts into mechanical ones / metal covered.
How to use: Eat it.
Special Perks: (NOT CANON YET: Free Material once a month, depending on what grows on you.)


Scars - you can earn them differently - tba

Shifter - learn to shift earned mutations on and off


Art above
by Jifi-Dawg 
Enchanted Water art by Stygma 
Enchanted Baby Tooth, Brush, Coral and Feather - art by Spiritburn
All other items by JB-Pawstep