The healres of NeoPaneruga mainly use herbs for treating their patients. There are a few mushrooms with healing effects as well as fruits.

They also use gems.

Every Lapiseo creature has healing abilities.

Nerdy who still is in contact with his human, a vet, often visits him to get things like bandages.

Human medicine is rarely used on NeoPaneruga but in the case it is needed Nerdy knows what is to do.

Healers get taught by different mentors. The lessons mainly take place in Healer Garden. For learning about gem´s healing abilities they travel with Farbleen or another skilled Unicorn to Klenotiper for a few days.

Healers have access to any product or service without trading something in return. The other part will get rewarded with free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol and other the other Training Packs.

All Healers: toyhou.se/JB-Pawstep/character…

Mentors: Gina, Nerdy, Hazel