Portal Lore

Portals used to appear on planets of the galaxy Tiroka when ever the moon appeared blue.

Through these the planets' leaders could meet. Some inhabitants moved to other places through portals.

On NeoPaneruga each place has a permanent portal in form of a crystal (room stone) that brings them to any other portal connected to NeoPaneruga.

The only partol out of and onto NeoPaneruga is the one in the portal room of the palace.

Crystal-Tails can open portans with their tails when ever and where ever they want, unless the ability is blocked by Destiny.

Teleport Items such as Silver's ring, JB's tail-chain and Salaruh's earring are made of room stone by the guardians of Between World. They are the only creatures to form room stoon.

Teleport Items often have places saved. Some are able to save new places when reaching them, others connect to someone's memory to teleport to a certain place.