1st - Reunite-Day

27th - Dalmatian Day
14th - Chocolate Day

25th - Day of Melody
7th - Sibling Day2nd - Secret Day3rd - Friendship Day

25th - Critter Shape Festival
5th - Fire Sky Festival
18th - Crystal Festival4th - Prank Day9th - Big Competition12th - Color Day

31st - Creep Day
3rd - Far Well Day3rd - Holding Paws Day

24th - Noel

31st - Howling Night

Wiedervereinigungs-Tag / Reunite-Day
- 1st January

would suit ca to be the 1st January because the happens in Act 5 were arround christmas and in the end of act 6 they  created NeoPaneruga. So.. maybe that suits xD

On this Day they celebrate the creation of their planet.

Dalmatian Day
- 27. January 

When the first Dalmatian Fruits of the year fall from the trees everyone starts collecting these delicous fruits. They only are good to eat as long as they fall from the trees they grow on which happens only arround 3 months from the moment the first fall.

Everyone wears dalmatian pattern on that day.

Chocolate Day
- 14th February 

Sharing chocolate with loved ones


"Mating on this Day makes super happy and healthy puppies" - Shinybutt

Day of Melody
-25th February

Singing and dancing all day.

From Planet Genesis

Siblings Day

- 7th March

A day to hang out with siblings. 

Tradition is to hunt and eat with together.

Secret Day
- 2st April 

Tell one of your big or small secrets to your friends.  Planet Genesis.

Friendship Day
- 3rd May

On this day friends share time with each other and give selfmade gifts to eachother.

Critter Shape Festival
- 25th May

Day to remember the "Critter Shape" marking which was given by a former Destiny to remember that prey are living creatures as well and that bigger mammals should only hunt and kill what they need.

To celebrate it, every mammal paints a "Critter Shape" of choice on a body part of their choice .. (I already know what Shinybutt will do xDxD)

Fire Sky Festival
- 5th June

In this night you will see a lot of shooting stars.

Crystal Festival
- 18. July

Celebration of the Crystal Powers

Everyone wears a fake- Crystal-Tail on this day or Crystal Cones.

This celebration comes from Klenotiper. Everybody who wants to join, can join a "Gem Stone search".

The Winner is the one who brings back the most Gem Stones from an expedition on Klenotiper by the end of the day.

Prank Day
- 4th August

Similar to Earth´s 1. April. 

Playing pranks and this day. All day. Very annoying for many.

Big Competition
-9th September

The big competition is an event where the participants have to solve quests in different parts of NeoPaneruga

Color Day
- 12th October

Day to impress ones favourite color. If your favourite color is blue: Dress blue or turn blue what ever you can turn blue.

This day was a competition on Rainbow Street. The color which was used to turn most things into won.

The Fur Changer Mushrooms are very popular at this day 

Creep Day
- 31st October
A day to scare others with creepy stories and costumes. It is celebrated to honor the work of the Fear Keepers in Between World.
Naomi loves this day cause she loves to creep others.
There often are costume competitions and creepy faces carved into fruits and bark.

Far Well Day
-3rd November

A day to remember the ones we had to say "Good Bye" to.

Holding Paws  Day
- 3rd December

A holiday which used to be celebrated on EverGreen randomly once every 250 days. This day shall bring courage to the ones that hide their feelings for someone.

It is said, that a former Destiny found her true love once and blessed each creature with luck of love on this day.

To test ones luck, one is supposed to hold paws with the one they have feelings for.

If these two end up as a couple, it is said that they will be happy forever 


- 24th December

Different than the Earth Version of "Noel" aka Christmas, on NeoPaneruga they celebrate the Birth of every living creature on this day. The word Noel goes back to the word "natus" which is latin

and means something like "being born".

They turn on colorful lights to resemble the brightness of life.

Of course they have a great meal with their families and friends too!

Howling Night
- 31st December

Is celebrated on the last day of the year with howling and singing and beautiful lights and other sparkling things.

This day is to share experiences one collected during the year, to finish the year among friends and to welcome the new one.

Similar to Earths "New Year´s Eve".

(random OC info: Dusky sneaks away during this evening always to find some waffles for J.B.. They call them "New Year´s Waffles". It´s a friendship insider between them )