Ages, Genders, Sexualities

Ages, Genders and Sexualities



Ages of panerugans are descriped by the terms

Newborn, Pup, Youthful, Adult and Senior

Newborns = very tiny, freshly born pups. They go by the age of „Newborn“ till their 2nd week.

Pups = from their 3rd week till they are one year old young panerugans count as pups. In this time they learn to walk and to talk from their parents. Basic knowlege is taught by pup mentors and their parents.

All current pups:…

Youthful = Teenager version of panerugans. Ready to start their education. They reach sexual maturity between their 8th and 9th year.

All current youthfuls:…

Adult = Grown up panerugan full trained with basic knowledge and basic or finished training of their chosen education.

All adults:…

Seniors = Old adults which lifed for many years. Seniors often are retired and don´t have any duties anymore. They still love to spend time with younger ones and share their wisdom with them.

All Seniors:…


Panerugans don´t celebrate the day of each one´s birth. The remember this day but the celebration is on December 24th when they celebrate Noel.

Different than the Earth´s version of "Noel" aka Christmas, on NeoPaneruga they celebrate the birth of every living creature on this day.

The word „noel“ goes back to the word "natus" which is latin and means something like "being born".
They turn on colorful lights to resemble the brightness of life.
Of course they have a great meal with their families and friends too.


On NeoPaneruga it does not matter what your biological gender is. Everybody gets accepted the way they are. Relationships are tolerated, no matter if they are of two beings of different or the same biological gender.

Panerugans care about their young ones and of course it is forbidden to bring them into any sexual contact.

They reach their sexual maturity when are between 8-9 years which marks the start of their adulthood. (They are animals. Don´t compare my character´s ages to human ages!)