Fruits and Vegetables

List of fruits and similar vegetation 

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Name and ImageDescriptionWhere to find
3872391?Bamble Stem MilkThe root is not eatable but it has milk alike liquid in the inside.
The root often gets used by creators to turm them into walls, fences, roofs, vases and even boates.
EverGreen Mountain, Pastel Wood, Jungle Caves, Dewdrop Forest
Tastes similar to blue berry but with a hint of lemon.
Imported from BlueTopia.

Dawn Wood, Midnight Forest, Twilight Wood
Cosas` peels look hard but are actually easy to open. In the inside is the
actually pudding consistency fruit which has lavander taste.
The big brown seed in the middle tastes like almond.
The peel is not eateable but Gnawers like to use those for creating things.

Dawn Wood, Jungle Caves, Jungle Mountains, Pastel Wood
Crystal Berry
Small berries with strong liquid crystal cells which awaken Saber Warrior powers in every Star Warrior.
If they eat them they will be able to become a Saber Warrior and fight with their horns.
Awakening this power can hurt.
The crystal berries are replacing the crystals destiny once gave to the ancient Saber Warriors.
They used to grow on Cogitatio and now grow anywhere on NeoPaneruga. The roots of Crystal Berry bushes receive their strength from the elemental crystals hidden somewhere on the planet.

Anywhere on NeoPaneruga
Element Berry
6820153?1588796302Dalmatian Paws
Aka Dalmatian Fruit
When the first dalmatian paws fall from their trees, NeoPaneruga celebrates for Dalmatian Day.
Every Panerugan goes out and collects the delicous fruit. They often wear dalmatian pattern to celebrate this event.
Th efruits will only fall off once a year on January 27th. Once they fall off they will be eatable for 3 months.
They taste like brownie ice cream just less sugary.
Dalmatian Wood, Dalmatian Mountains
3872614?Donut Fruit
Soft donut-dough like mass grows on thee stems of this plant. It even tastes like donut-dough.

Blossom Wood, Dawn Wood, Emerald Grove, Jungle Caves, Jungle Mountains, Moonlight Grove, Sharptooth Mountains, Sparkle Forest, Twilight Wood, Vanilla Desert
3872622?FirnelPear shaped with a similar taste but the seed in the middle of the fruit is covered by a saur red liquid.
The liquid is said to help if one has a headache.

Moonlight Grove, Mud Wood, Silver Needle Wood
3872627?HedelKiwi like consistency. Thick spikes cover the hard peel.
Has a sour kiwi like taste.

Jungle Caves, Jungle Mountains
3872634?IllsfruitHard on the outside, very sweet in the inside. Consistency is like bananas but with seeds.
Tastes like hazel nuts  but is softer. The seeds are full of proteins.

Emerald Grove, Little Hell, Sandy Forest, Sunset Forest
3872672?LanadoléLanadolés grow in grounds. They are like small melones but more saur and a bit harder in consistency.

Flower Park, Pastel Wood, Snake Roots, Sunny Hill, Weasel Hill
3872676?LemanasGnawers love the peel becaue it tastes like wallnut but is a little harder.
The liquid inside tastes like vanilla with a hint of lemon.

Jungle Caves, Moonlight Grove, Vanilla Desert
3872871?LipfelSour eatable peel and very soft and sweet in the inside with a creamy taste. Grows on trees.

Dalmatian Mountains, EverGreen Mountains, Pastel Wood
3872877?MipidMipids grow like strawberries in the ground.
They taste even similar to them but with a milkey hint.
The black seat is eatable and quite crunchy. Grow in the earth.
EverGreen Mountains, Little Hell, Sunset Forest
3872887?NenenelSmall fruit with a citric banana taste.
Grows only in Moonlight Grove.

Moonlight Grove
3872902?OeeOees taste like cherry mixed with lemon.
The peel is eatable, tastes saur and makes the tongue prickle like fizzy candy

Jungle Caves, Midnight Forest, Misty Wood, Silver Needle Wood, Silverclaw Hill
3872905?Olscho-BerryThe peel is eatable and has lavender colored seeds on the outside.
The inside is filled with little ball shaped cells which are filled with tasty sweet and sour liquid.

Ash Wood, Emerald Grove, Jungle Caves, Silver Needle Wood, Snake Roots
3872974?PinkanasLike a pink banana but with boysenberry inside.

Blossom Wood, Jungle Caves, Jungle Mountains, Pastel Wood
3872981?PirkenPirkens have a soft minky peel which is eatable. Their flesh has the consistency of an avocado but a little harder.
Tastes like tiramisu.  They grow on bushes.

Jungle Mountains, Silver Moon Forest, Silverclaw Hill, Waterfall Hill
3872991?Sky BerryLike a blue raspberry but rounder.

Crystal Garden, Pastel Wood, Silver Moon Forest, Silverclaw Hill, Twilight Wood
3872997?Tiger FruitThe consistency is like turkish ice cream. Tastes like nut ice cream. The darker areas have a cocoa taste.
The peel is eatable and as hard as a chocolate bar but thin.

Amber Canyon, Emerald Grove, EverGreen Mountains, Snake Roots
3873002?WeilachA hard peel. The inside is like an apple but tastes more as oranges.
The red, orange and white parts are seeds.
Weilachs can be white and have a lemon like taste and can also be red to taste more like blood oranges.
 They grow under bushes with orange and white petals. They always grow close to the ground.

Sunset Forest, 

List of earth fruits (and other vegan stuff):

potatos, apples, melons, honey dew melone, lemons, oranges, bananas, cherries, strawberries, kiwis, tomatos, papricas, grapes, peaches, curcumber, pumpkin, dragon fruit, litschi, avocado, ananas, gojibeere, jackfruit, kaki, birne, mango, papaya, passionsfruit (maracuja), Erbsen, Mais, Auberginen, Zucchini, Corn


Erd, Wall, Cashew, Hazelnut, Paranut, Pekan, Almond