Useful Nature Goods

Bell Nuts / Glocken NussBell Trees have nuts which look like bells. They were very common on
Miranow and part of the Orakuh´s tradition.
The nuts are often attached to their collars.
If an Orakuh found a partner to spend their life with,
They would exchange their nuts.

Color Bombss / Farb BombenPlants which grow like coconuts on trees.
If you open them you have colorful liquids to paint with.
The color depends on the forest the color bomb was picked from.

Corals / KorallenOften used for crafting or chewing toys
Crystal Cones / Kristal ZapfenThe cones of the Crystal Trees. These grow in Crystal-Cone Forest
Only. The cones are filled with liquid Crystal-Cells.
Attach the clone to your skin and it will melt with your body.
Can be removed anytime the wearer wants to. The cones are used to
Create fake horns and fake antlers. Originally from Frozero.

Glow Algae / Leucht Alge (MOVE TO SEAFOOD)Like sour-sweet underwater gummy candy.
Glow Stones / Leucht SteineThey grow on the trees of Sparkle Forest. These stones save day light to glow in
The dark and to brighten the nightly atmosphere.

Ice Cream Tulip / Eis Creme Tulpe
Tulips which open their blossoms once they created a thick, creamy mass inside.
Tastes like Ice Cream – Different tastes possible, depending on the color of th tulip.

Silver Hearts / Silber Herzen
If you dry them, they crumble into silver powder - good usage for creative Panerugans.

Silver Needles / Silber NadelnDecoration
Star Vine / Sternen Liane (they might have another name)
Long, thin vines with glowing crystals.
Crystals can be any color, so can be the vines.
They save day light to glow in the dark.

String Tulip / Faden Tulpen
It grows wildly in Jungle Mountains and a few on the mountain itself.
Pastel colors bloom in Pastel Wood but the biggest field is owned by
Kadance. She farms this flower because the strings which grow out
Of them are used as wool.
Very useful for creating clothes or other nice things.

Tire Fruits / Reifen FruchtDonut shaped big fruits. The walls are thick and water proof.
They are just air filled in the inside and are used for swimming fun.
They grow on the river bank of Silver-Star-River and on the
Sparkle Forest beach side of Genesis Lake.
The roots were taken from Pastel Paradise.
A root can grow up to six fruits. They are not eatable.

Colorful Dendelion / Bunter LöwenzahnDendelilion but colorful. Decoration, toy for cups.
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Fin Bush / FlossenstrauchGlowing effect, lights up dark areas.
Fan CactusA fan like shaped cactus. Decoration. Keeps insects away.
Mochi FruitMochi like balls filled with icecream like substance – comes of course in different colors / flavors

4185516?Heat StonesThose stones are found inside of Ruby Mountains. If they touch each other they create heat. They can be used to cook, if one has a pot with a heat stone bottom.
One can put food between these two stones too, to warm it up.

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