ARPG - How to start

Hello and welcome to NeoPaneruga :D


This is an ARPG that focuses on earning MYOs and mutations for your characters.

It´s actually just a "mini arpg" of events I will hold now and then :D

If you´re interested in joining, here are the first steps:

You need to be a member of to join this world, for all events, approval and registration will happen there.

1. You need a deviantart profile (for now), to enter this ARPG. Events and new activities will be posted on my dA, here and in my discord. Make sure to have access to one of these places to participate in this ARPG.

2. Make a Player Profile, Template here: NeoPaneruga - Player Profile - Template

3. Register your Panerugan Characters: NeoPaneruga - ARPG - Registry (important)

3b. If you don´t have a Panerugan Character yet, wait for an event or create one of the Open Species or Semi Open species of this group. Alternatively you can also check if there are open adopts.

4. There are no trials anymore due to the lack of interest so please wait for an event ovo/ 

In this ARPG you can earn MYOs of the local species and enter events with your characters to earn items you will be able to use for character customizations.