The Legend of Silvery

The legend tells about the ancient planet Paneruga and how Silvery destroyed it.

Centuries ago there was a planet called "Paneruga". It was a wild planet dominated by all kind of feral animals. 

On Paneruga the law of the strongest ruled. So strongest made the rules and all the others obeyed. Each race lived only with their kind. It gave them saftey. Friendships with other species were possible, not more though.

Once a wolf named Lupolor fought his way to the top. He became king. The first king who ever chose a creature of a different species as mate. A beautiful cat like creature.

It didn´t take long till Lupolor became a father to a pretty little crossbreed daughther called Silvery. The birth of a crossbreed was not tolerated back then, neither was anyone pleased with their king chosing a mate that was not a wolf, like himself.

A big cat called Salaruh was leading an attack, to take down Lupolor´s family. A family like this was not allowed to rule over their world. During a stormy night, Salaruh and his followers dashed into the king´s den and managed to kill Lupolor and his beautiful mate. There was no trace of the pup.

Salaruh quickly made himself the new king and it didn´t take long till he ruled over Paneruga as cruel dictator, enslaving the weaker and smaller races. 

Little did he know, Destiny rescued and trained the little Silvery. She became one part of the next "destiny", destined to hold and control the power of destruction.

At some point, Destiny saw the time to bring peace to Paneruga has come. She sent back Silvery to take back her father´s kingdom. And she did. She killed Salaruh with the powers Destiny trained her to use. 

Afterwards Paneruga recovered from the hate and the species started to befriend each other again. They learned from each other and enjoyed each other´s company.

Silvery didn´t know there were a lot of Salaruh´s followers left, who spread the hate against crossbreeds and interspecies love. Peace didn´t last long. Silvery, who was ruling over Paneruga and meanwhile had a family of her own, felt forced to teach her folk a lesson. She used her power to split Paneruga into two planets. Golden-Star, which was dominated by canines and Silver-Star, which was dominated by felines.

Golden-Star was ruled by Silvery´s son, Canin, while Silver-Star was ruled by her daughter, Feline. From this moment on, the species needed to feel the concequences of being separated from the others. 

Splitting the planet cost Silvery´s life.

Many generations later Silvery´s descendants were born during a silver shower of falling stars. Katinka on Silver-Star, and Gina on Golden-Star. With their birth, Silvery appeared ghostly infront of their mothers to announce a prophecy:

Born in the Fall of Light

Led by the Gleam of Silver

and accompanied despite constant Darkness

They soon formed a pack with others and received the quest to recreate Paneruga and to make a welcoming, safe home for any creatures. Salaruh, who came back from underworld started a war with them. Shadows were fighting for him but with help of all the friends they gathered and elemental powers Katinka and her friends got to learn, they managed to win and to beat Salaruh once and for all. NeoPaneruga was born and richer in species diversity as ever before.

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