3728701_S6ZCXJp4qPMc0lw.png?1588880017Welcome to Gachamon! A genetics, percentage and RNG-based Pokémon parody art group!
We're a bit of a mess right now, but we are welcoming new members so long as they're willing to play along! ♡

Users must be 16 years old or older before joining.
To join, simply submit an application with a greeting and a brief reason why you'd like to join our little community!
If your TH account doesn't have 5 or more images drawn by you in your Gallery, please provide your deviantART or FurAffinity username in your request.

The majority of our news alerts, updates, and community interaction takes place on our Discord! Please consider joining to enjoy the full experience!

This group was originally founded on deviantART back in early 2015.