The Digital

Home residence

Most Aw0005 choose to make their homes here! There is plenty of customization allowed here for internal environments and many Aw0005 have very basic exteriors but lavish interiors.

City, Upper

The upper city has the vibe of a metropolitan utopia. UC typically plays light hearted and chill music along the streets. A perfect place for dates and casual shopping.

City, Lower

The lower city has a more of a Outrun/Vaporwave aesthetic going on. This is the place dedicated towards play and many creative Aw0005 flock down here to create music or other arts or technology. LC typically plays deeper, heavier beats as BGM.

The Physical

Aw0001 Headquarters

Aw0001 Headquarters is a hub for all Aw0001 activities, including upgrades and maintenance for Android models. A monument to Jason exists in the lobby, but as per his request there is no statue, just a simple stone stylus listing his achievements. This monument often has flowers or gifts left by Aw0005 and players.

AI Ethics and Rights Headquarters

AIER is attached to the Aw0001 Headquarters and hosts a number of different facilities for both Digital Aw0005 and Android Aw0005. Included is a number of open screens and loan-Android bodies for Digital Aw0005 to use. AIER functions like a social hall for most Aw0005 and players.