Blessings are a specific type of gift from a Magnitude Fragment to a lesser Fragment. The lesser Fragment is given a small, miniscule bit of the Mag Frag's infinitely-massive supply, providing an absolutely mind-bending boost of magic and power to the lesser Frag. The magic given away will be replaced instantly, but the lesser Frag now has a severe, permanent boost to their magic pool, and gain motifs related to the geometry that was bestowed upon them.


Blessings cannot be removed or doubled up - if Zvezda blesses a Frag, he cannot Bless them again or remove his previous Blessing. However, one individual can be Blessed by multiple Magnitude Fragments. Currently Cysawd is the Frag with the most Blessings, rounding off at nine. 

Common motifs include newly-shaped pupils or expulsions of magic related to their new shape. When using the Mag Frag magic, its color typically overpowers the natural color of the Frag's magic, and imagery associated with the geometry often appear. 

Motifs are not always required, and specially-shaped eyes are not always a Blessing tell. In fact, it's hard to "tell" if someone has a Blessing unless they actually admit to it. Pupil-altering is the most common motif, however, as eyes are a window into someone's magic and abilities.

Individuals below Fragments on the god spectrum cannot easily be Blessed - their bodies cannot contain the Blessing and they will most likely die or be absorbed by the Magnitude Fragment's magic. Some particularly strong Gladar may be capable of holding a Blessing, but it's never been done before and is unlikely to happen, as most Mags don't even consider Gladar.

Being Blessed is painful at the time of Blessing, often being compared to overwhelming sensations, static, and agony. After the body has grown used to holding the excess magic, Blessed Frags don't have any residual pain.



Although cultural feelings towards Blessing vary wildly depending on who does the blessing, general consciousness is extremely positive. Blessed Frags are not revered (unless they have a Blessing from a particularly stingy Frag) but are typically respected. Blessings from extremely powerful Fragments (Pyatiugolnik, Dijamant, Rendgen, Zehneck, etc.) almost always prompt the offer of an Overseer invitation.

Certain Blessings, like those from Zvezda, Suza, and Ellipsa are common enough that having a single one of these Blessings is not at all that unique or particularly respected, although they're still a significant boost in power. Each Mag has their own reasons and choice for Blessing someone - their standards can be extremely high or nonexistent at all. 

Some people consider having a Blessing to be a direct pipeline to Mag Frags, allowing the Blessed to call upon and talk to them as they please, but this is false. A Mag Frag may talk to any Fragment at all, at any time, without needing to Bless them. However, Blessing a Frag does create a personal sort of connection, where they can more quickly intervene if something goes wrong.

The chart below shows how often each Mag blesses lesser Fragments.

Common Blessers
Uncommon Blessers
Rare Blessers
Extremely Rare
Not for fan OCs!
1. Zvezda
2. Suza
3. Ellipsa
4. Strela
1. Srce
2. Sekizgen
3. Peresekat
4. Chetyrekhlistnik
5. Prizma
1. Zehneck
2. Kvadrat
3. Peshchani
4. Polumesec
5. Polukrug
1. Dijamant
2. Pravougaonik
3. Linija
1. Pyatiugolnik (2 confirmed)
2. Farley (0 confirmed)
3. Trougao (0 confirmed)
4. Kolo (6 confirmed)
5. Rendgen (1 confirmed)

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