There is no central government in Alkaverse, nor proper nations. There has never been an attempt at unifying the entire continent under one head either through diplomacy or conquest, although the ideal is maintained by more peaceful regions. Mortals are inherently subservient to their lesser gods, and do not often rebel or lament their way of life - the war has become normalized. 


Although the Harmonics and Chaotics are known to the lesser gods and mortals, they do not have an active part in government, preferring to stay detached (or interfere using disguises and hiding their identity) whenever possible. This trait was learned from the original Gladar, Zev, who they were in near-constant touch with and picked up many of their mannerisms. 

Due to their detachment (and the complete lack of presence Zev had to mortals), the Harmonics and Chaotics tend to be considered godly, and are worshipped by those who see themselves as religious. The H/C do not have a solid opinion on this, some finding it flattering, others seeing it as annoying. 


The City-States each have their own form of government and economy, and are mostly ruled solely by the lesser god that created them. Their size, power, and population varies greatly, with no real average. Most cities are extremely old and have a rich history.

When a lesser god takes over another city-state, it is rare to kill its leading lesser god. Most nations annex the city and their lesser god, taking them as an assistant, concubine, or prisoner. Conquest has slowed in the more southern reaches of the continent, which have slowly transitioned to trading amongst each other, although the barren centre and east of Alkaverse is proof that the bloodlust has not quite left the culture.

The patron of a city-state is its creator. They may not always be the current ruler.

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Patron: Metztli
Morion City is the entertainment supercenter of Alkaverse, producing anything ranging from movies and television to radio dramas to beautiful artworks. Located in the heart of the major canyon on the continent, Morion has become relaxed due to both its natural defense and the protection of Lep City, although that may wane.


Patron: Roti
Norive City is subdued but not quiet, covered in massive, gorgeous cathedrals and temples. Its mages help maintain the city's shields, which keep invaders at bay, securing it despite the lack of a true military. However, Cavia's ever-reaching hand has prompted a flurry of prayer and desperation most unlike the typical regal, almost haughty culture.


Patron: Moon
A technologically-advanced, teeming metropolis, everything in Hellv City is made of metal. The entire city is run by an expansive AI, which looks over all and guides their lives gently, powered by the Sinkhole - a massive hole in the center of Hellv Isle filled to the brim with pure, bubbling Magninium, the residue of magic Golld City's golden structures cast out.


Golld City is constructed primarily of the precious metals, ranging from copper-laced brick streets to the castle at the center, comprised entirely of pure gold. The only race that can stand to be in its centers are iron ponies, and the deadliness of the city's materials keeps everyone else out. It once had a bustling rivalry with Hellv City, which fell by the wayside.


Patron: Xedia
A blitzing cybercity with extreme technology and wealth, Xedia Metro became wealthy on its invention of the modern computer and cellie, which it sold to the other cities at a high upmark. Primarily settled into its position as solely for the rich programmers, Xedia Metro has found itself between a rock and hard place - prime real estate between Cavia and Cycla.


Patron: Berry
Also trapped in a tug-of-war between Cycla and Cavia, Milkia's once-proud architecture and natural beauty have withered in recent years, leaving it exhausted and depleted of resources. Once host to a thriving community of arts and sciences, all but the most practical and needed careers and industries have fallen to the wayside.


Patron: Glacey
Remaining as the only city left (mostly) untouched by Cycla's reign of terror, Icecap is absurdly frigid, hosting the coldest temperatures the Universe suffers. Its isolated environment and harsh conditions have given it a quiet, reclusive culture, to the extent where mortals often don't even recognize their neighbors at all. Orva is its current ruler.


Patron: Cycla
Cycla is one of the two current superpowers in Alkaverse, matched only by Cavia City. It is frigid and cold, a massive fortress of a city, with almost no areas open to the elements, warmed by heat cores. Its empire dominates the northeast, leaving a wake of bloodshed and empty towns behind. Without a doubt, it is the most feared name in all Alkaverse.


Once a proud city on the eastern coast, Lower Cycla was captured early on in Cycla's march for power. Rather than raze it, Cycla found himself amused by the lesser god who had built it, and instead renamed it and restructured it to be his base of operations in the south. Now more of a company town than anything else, Lower Cycla lacks its own culture.


Patron: Inras
The other major world superpower, Cavia City rose out of nowhere and decimated the central plains after Quamecia retreated back to the Lake. Sprawling and magnificent, its people are dedicated wholly to its military, obeying Inras' word as law and practically worshipping the ground he steps on. Its brutality and harsh punishments are well-feared.


Patron: Therme
Merdoi City is the most isolationist and reclusive city, but for good reason - the outer slums of the city are a festering pit of illness, which has bred the worst disease in Alkaverse. Rather than fix his people, Therme has used this as a biological shield against invaders, holing himself and the government up in the giant hospital in the city center.


Rio picks up where Tributary City leaves off, helping transfer goods down the two branches of the Rio Quamecia. As the first city to strike a peace treaty and trade deal with Quamecia, they've enjoyed their humble benefits and safe location. Rio is the smallest city in Alkaverse, both in terms of population and land area. Some consider it more of a pit stop.


Patron: Pellan
Tablia is all lights and drinks, full of casinos and resorts, spas and fashion. Marketing itself as the vacation home for mortals tired of war, Tablia has seen a surge in both tourism and the attention of the superpowers. Unlike most cities, it only has one lesser god in its borders - its patron - who's more of a puppet for the crime rings controlling the city.


Everyone knows Gellm City is the host of the black market, but its high-strung government still pretends everything's peachy-keen. The illegal trade of people, artifacts, and drugs is rampant, facilitated by its fairly isolated location. In recent years, its lesser gods have instilled a harsh police state in an attempt to clean up the streets and Gellm's reputation.


Patron: Leav
Infamous for its surveillance, Farwoods was once under control of Danyube City. It was the first to rebel and set up its own government, believing that Danyube had not been harsh enough on its mortals in preparing them for war. With absolutely everything monitored, dissatisfaction has yet to truly calm, and talk of another rebellion is common. Its lesser god strictly maintains good opinions of Deepwoods.


The second city to secede from Danyube, Deepwoods turned to Easiia for support and military guidance. Indebted to this day, it ships off rare, locally-grown trees to Easiia, used primarily in recreational drugs and decoration. Its people are still happier than they were under Danyube, confident in their relationship with Easiia and Farwoods. Some disagreement can arise over Farwoods' government, but they're friends.


Patron: Ruve
The retired seat of power in the south, Easiia was a major conquestor in its heyday, and is now host to plenty of lesser gods thanks to that. Rich off its resources and military, its culture is decadent and luxurious, sleeping easy in the peace the subriver region has cultivated. In recent years, stress has crept back in at its patron's sudden onset of sickness.


Situated deep in Danyube Jungle, Danyube City once ruled the forest region with an iron fist. Rebellion tore apart its legacy, followed up by a multitude of civil wars. When the dust settled, all that was left was a small coalition of loyalists, who slowly began to reconstruct the bustling capital they'd once ruled. It's still slow goings, in modern times.


Patron: Stardew
Never Port has been neutral since its humble beginnings, built on the west bank of Lake Quamecia. Supported in neutrality by a massive magic shield, maintained through a constant stream of magic, Never Port has only recently opened its borders to refugees and immigrants. Characterized by water power and mills, it is a beacon of vigorously-defended peace.


Patron: Ineffy
Sharing its corner of Rio Quamecia with Tirbutary, Rivertown doesn't stake much claim in the river region's dynamics. Its people prefer to quietly make their own way through life, fishing and building their homes, largely unguided by hands-off lesser gods. With the sudden rise of Cavia, however, talk has begun about forming a militia for defense.


Patron: Felix
All trade from Quamecia down the river must first pass through Tributary, who has dammed the majority of its stream to force ships to pay high tariffs. Even though it overstepped its boundaries, Tributary has a fairly positive relationship with Quamecia, as it provides ships with military escorts to protect from pirates and Cavia invaders alike.


Patron: Lazuli
Situated deep underwater, Sleiiameni is inaccessible to any non-aquatic race or individuals with a close connection to Mermaids. Built on the edge of a massive underwater trench, its location has promoted an extremely xenophobic and isolationist culture. Lazuli has still made a valiant effort to maintain good relations with the other lake cities, however.


Built on the surface of Lake Quamecia, Goshbone's structures are constructed from the buoyant skeletons of deep-lake creatures. With only one bridge to land, the city's prime location and terrifying buildings have meant many other lesser gods have left it, thankfully, alone. Despite the stereotype, Goshbone is a rather relaxed city.


The trading capital of the world and the most infamous, Quamecia once ruled the majority of Alkaverse. It gave up its lands to facilitate trade and peace among the other communities, and now serves as the seat of power in the southern region. Technologically advanced and primarily socialist, Quamecia is regarded as a utopia for outsider mortals.


Once intense rivals with Dellfall, Calldawn abandoned the war to focus on improving quality of life over conquest. After tentatively turning its primary industry to gemstone farming, Quamecia picked up a lucrative trade deal for its crystal supplies. Protection from the Quamecian military prevents Dellfall from succeeding in capturing the city.


A city so wrapped up in its rivalry with Calldawn that it converted the majority of its mortal populace into living batteries to boost its lesser gods' magical ability. Hauntingly quiet and lonely now, the only non-lesser god residents are the mortal caretakers of the batteries. Despite this, it still hasn't managed to overtake Calldawn.


At the foothills of Mt. Forge, the only volcano in Alkaverse, Steam City has always been choked by the crater's smog. Albeit inactive, lava still sometimes leaks down the sides of the cauldron, which flow into massive dug trenches around the city. This lava is used in both blacksmithery and religion, the two fastholds of Steam culture.


On the banks of the Tablia Stream and Smatter Creek, Gorgion is a venerable host of information. It formed from Desertia deserters who took offense at the government's willingness to destroy studies that were unethical, and now serves as a pillar for the most lawless and immoral studies... but someone's gotta find those answers, right?


The research capital, Desertia's proudest achievement is its massive university, where a plethora of studies in academia are conducted. Riddled by nonchalance about the effects on other cities, Desertia's come under fire for dumping toxic waste too close to Soudurn, or ignoring Less' pages for assistance in favor of finishing up the next thesis.


Less City is totally unremarkable. Maybe its averageness is what makes it remarkable? Anyways, people aren't encouraged to visit and that's just dandy for Less citizens. It's not like they're intentionally restricting access into the Listless Mountains because there's something dangerous. No reason they haven't been invaded yet, not even once, either. Yep.


Desertia's experiments tend to use the majority of water at the fringes of the badlands region, leaving Soudurn in a bad position. It once had a healthy relationship with Desertia and imported from them the water it needed, but as its sister city became more self-centered, Soudurn floundered. It now hosts a deal with Quamecia: water for its... "movies".


Built of clouds and skyquartz, Ascentia floats above the other cities and the conflict of Alkaverse. Situated far enough from the continent that the celestial bodies are always visible, Ascentia has gained a reputation for never quite sleeping. Inaccessible without teleportation or flight, it is hard to invade and has developed its own un-war-ravaged culture.


High in the mountains, Motion City was once the dropoff point of Desertia's wild experiments. Over time, squatters and homeless people settled in, constructing a defensible fortress from Desertia's garbage. It declared independence only recently, making it the youngest city on Alkaverse's map - and surprisingly militaristically powerful.


Protector of Morion City, Lep's military is what keeps the media giant safe and secure in its canyon. With outposts along the entire rim, Lep's existence seems to solely benefit Morion, with its people typically worn thin and its lesser god at the tip of his patience. Talk of abandoning Morion to Cavia has been all the more attractive, lately.

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