In a nutshell, Eucaritia suffers from severe environmental issues. Natural resources are nearly-entirely depleted, the air is difficult to breathe, and there are almost no natural greenery left. Despite this, the lack of life is normalized in culture, and the environmentalist political party struggles tooth and nail to protect what's left.


Eucaritia is made up of many floating islands, known as dimensions. Their height and general placement in the Universe determines their wealth and social status, typically. For example, the temple of the Harmonics is located on the highest island, and is accessible via a large teleport pad. Dimensions closer to the gaping sea at the bottom of the Mortal Realm are considered the slums, and generally are the poorer communities. The Bottom Ocean is seen as disgusting and horrific, due to the large amount of trash that was dumped into it over the years - it's considered unclean and unholy. Living costs generally rise the closer one gets to Borrelia, located directly under the temple.

Transportation between the islands/dimensions may involve high-speed trains, teleport pads, or elevated, moving walkways, and while many mortals may have jobs several dimensions away, their commute may be at most an hour due to the efficiency of the system. 

Lesser gods who wish to create a dimension must first file papers with the proper authorities. They are then given an altitude and location to create a dimension at, and are allowed to serve as the dimension's governor. Borrelia is considered to be the proper capital, owned by the first lesser god, Acholeplasma, but other dimensions have their own claims to fame.

Cities tend to be massive, hundreds-of-miles of urban sprawl. Whatever isn't deserted badland is mostly teeming megapolis. 


Eucaritia, as a whole, is extremely environmentally sapped and polluted. Most of the dimensions are badlands, marked only by the occasional rich individual's well-manicured lawn. Rivers and bodies of water (except the Salinspira Lake) are not safe to drink from. Most of Eucaritia's natural air smells quite foul, and individuals who do a large amount of outdoors work should wear facial masks. All indoor air is regulated per universal laws. Any lush areas left are highly fought for by the Immunities, a political faction of lesser gods seeking to protect the environment. 

Weather is highly controlled by the dimension's stationed weather factory... in the more wealthy districts. It is intense and incredibly unruly in the Slums; hurricanes regularly rip apart what little infrastructure there is, and tornadoes only worsen the problem. Most tourists are shocked at how violent Slums weather tends to be, especially in the monsoon season.

Eucaritia still has seasons, but they are tightly regulated as well. Not enough snow falls for a school cancellation, but enough will rain that children can play and enjoy in it. Rain and thunder will continue to storm on, but never enough to cause a blackout. So on and so forth. 

The level of magical pollution is quite low. Eucaritia has a healthy magical ecosystem.


There are three primary Realms in Eucaritia: the Mortal, Harmonic, and Chaotic. The status of the latter two Realms is nearly-unknown, as it is frowned upon to discuss it. The Chaotics have been locked in their Realm since the end of the Gods' War, unable to escape, while the Harmonics do not leave their Realm by choice (unless needed). 

The Mortal Realm, as previously described, is primarily badlands.

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