Eucaritia is a very old Universe, and as such, its Timeline is rather complex. It is broken up into three primary Eras. As much of the Pre-War- and War- Eras have been lost to time, the lesser gods are estimating with the best information they have.

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  • Cyano exists
  • Ebola and Marburg are born
  • Psuedomonas assumes leadership of lesser gods
  • Denticolens and Crypto are born
  • Acholeplasma meets Coxiella
  • Histoplasma, Lenti, Myco, Fluore, Cinerea, and Plasmodium are born 
  • Corio is born


  • Acineto, Ravn, Reston, Pons, Iodamoeba, Carolinensis, and Dendrite are born
  • Peroxi joins the Chaotics
  • Baumannii is ascended?
  • Acholeplasma ascends Ureaplasma; Rhinovirus, Morbi, Variola, and Influenza are born
  • Acineto is arrested for attempted murder
  • Parvo is born 
  • Crypto is sealed into his dimension
  • ...Hylemonella is born?
  • Ucleon defeats Spira in one-on-one combat


  • The Gods' War ends, the Chaotics are sealed in their Realm
  • Acholeplasma returns to power
  • Cyto ascends himself into an alicorn

YEAR 111,912,128,341
  • Plantarum & Glacialis are born

YEAR 120,925,013,923,953
  • Considered the dawn of the major technological rebirth
  • Entero, Lloviu, Macrophage, Killer T, Helper T, Memory B, Neutrophil, and Orthomyxoviridae are born
  • SCC Corp is founded by Calcoaceticus Scull
  • Pylori and Stappia are born

YEAR 13,500,000,003,192,123
  • Diaphero and Gammadelta are born
  • Salinspira Dam construction begins
  • Paracochleata is born
  • Kitasatospora is born

YEAR 13,500,000,003,192,224
  • Salinspira Dam construction completes
  • Curtum is born

YEAR 21,412,934,238,500,104
  • Ascariasis leaves the Harmonics' Gods, forms the Spira Cultists

YEAR 21,412,934,238,620,400
  • Thetaiota is born

YEAR 21,412,934,238,620,501
  • Thetaiota takes over SCC Corp and ushers in a new age of prosperity

YEAR 21,412,934,238,620,702
  • Escherichia is born

YEAR 21,412,934,238,621,000
  • Considered "modern day

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