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  • Eucaritia has a universal basic income that scales depending on where one lives. This income does not apply to sponsees. People caught "cheating" the system by faking an address or failing to update theirs have their income revoked.
  • Healthcare costs an individual up to 200E/month, at which point it becomes free for the year and any subsequent years until it drops back below that threshold.
  • The Eucaritian economy's best-selling product at the moment is fresh water.
  • It is not uncommon for an everyday Eucaritian to become a millionaire. What is uncommon are multi-millionaires/billionaires, most of whom are CEOs of companies or their owners.
  • The Incineration Debate of '131,123 made it temporarily illegal to incinerate corpses due to a company filing a patent for how to burn dead bodies. The patent was accidentally cleared, leading to another company to debate the patent in court. The patent was discarded, but only after twenty years of finding new methods to discard of corpses had passed.
  • Monopolizing is not illegal if certain conditions are met for a company. Most of the major companies found today have already met these conditions and are rising to become monopolies in their fields.
  • Transactions are usually completed with one's cellie, with a prompt to pay appearing on the screen. This is why replacing cellies and reporting lost ones is so integral to Eucaritian life!
  • Workers from the Department of Population keep updated citizen profiles on every Eucaritian individual. Teams are assigned to a dimension, and then are split across a city, and must transfer reports, documents, and diplomas into a readable bullet summary on the citizen's government-sanctioned profile.
  • Eucaritia has no standing military - there's no need. The Harmonic Police Force handles anything that a military would've.
  • Most crimes are punished by community service, brief detention, and fines that scale to one's income. A lower-income family may only pay 40E, but a millionaire may pay 100kE.
  • Platinum is the most expensive type of metal. Opals are the most valuable gemstone. 


  • The last category 5 hurricane Eucaritia suffered from was named Hurricane Osteon.
  • The local weather factory will always post the planned weather forecast about a month in advance. Private sales of weather are forbidden, but can sometimes be done under the table if the proposed purchase isn't too different from the forecast.
  • Sky Quartz is mined almost exclusively from the Bottom Sea. It is not found anywhere else.
  • There are two known Leviathans: Nessie, in Salinspira Lake, and Bea, in the Halophiles Volcanic Crater. Potentially there are more, but their whereabouts are unknown. As Leviathans are functionally immortal, there is no fear of the species dying out.
  • The most popular pets are meutins and wuvirans.
  • The softest fabric in Eucaritia is woven from the silk of a particular type of worm, found only in the Lower Peaks, in Salinspira. Clothing made from this fabric are obscenely expensive and only worn by the top 1%.
  • The coldest natural temperature ever recorded was -62ºF, in Litoralis. For contrast, the warmest was 124ºF, in Sphaero. With the advent of universal weather control systems, temperatures range now from a blustery 30ºF to 90ºF.


  • The least populous race in Eucaritia are Blue Whales, of which there are only five: Anthurii, Mirabilis, Geoderma, Telluris, and Nigrescens. Okapi, in general, are the rarest "regular" race.
  • Eucaritian cellies can surf the Internet, communicate via text and video chat, play apps, and track the user's general health. The most popular sites are CellNet, a forum for chatting, WeKnow, a blogging service, Whizpr, a microblogging service with a character limit of 300, and bluTape, a video sharing/streaming service.
  • The most common form of transportation are trams, with teleportation a close second.
  • Legal pro "wrestling" in Eucaritia involves giant controlled mechs (supplied by SCC Corp) duking it out. Illegal wrestling still involves two individuals physically fighting each other.

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