Fragments are timeless beings who exist far beyond the mortal understanding of space and time. They serve as the guardians of Timelines, massive realities encasing an entire world, with multiple Universes, gods, mortals, and histories. Together, they work to protect these Timelines from themselves, stopping giant disasters that would shred them apart, meddling quietly but secretly and using their reality warping for good.  


During the beginning of everything, all life in Numbers was contained within the primordial fusion Singularity. Nothing existed outside of their giant body, comprised of all the Magninium in the world. However, their loneliness ate themselves from the inside, and so they tore their body in half, creating Genesis and Bereave. Genesis went on to create the Timelines, although each of their creations was more flawed than the last - until, suddenly, at seemingly random, they created the perfect Timeline. Its existence stabilized the others and created a wash of other, connected Timelines, infinite in number. In shock and overcome with emotion, Genesis shattered into three pieces. During this shattering, small pieces of themselves scattered amongst the Timelines at random, eventually forming into Fragments.

These Fragments called the Timelines they'd grown up in home, although the number of Frags to a Timeline is literally random. Some have no Frags, while others have upwards of one hundred - there's no rhyme or reason to the division.  

Magnitude Fragments are a different class of Frag, and were formed when Singularity first split into Genesis and Bereave.

13646765_ZKZ4MTuzZluHtbu.png(Overseer Glitter discussing Coalition matters with Overseer Jubilee.)


After some time, the Fragments Soph, Valentine, Miriam, and Glory came together to found what they called the Coalition of Reality - an organization comprised of Frags looking to protect the Timelines communally. Originally, its origins were geared more towards taking turns "taking care of" Timelines, and eventually evolved into the massive bureaucratic conglomerate that it is today. The Coalition's goals are to preserve the sanctity of the Timelines from collapse out of the belief that life is worth protecting.

It is headed by Overseers, who serve for life unless they leave willingly (they cannot be voted out by the others, to prevent collusion and to make the decision worth weight). The Overseers tend to specialize in a certain branch of the COR and serve as its leader, going on difficult missions and acting as the embodiment of what a Fragment should act like and aspire to be. There are over one hundred Overseers, of varying popularity and importance. There is no council of Overseers above the others or an Overseer leader, but Overseer Jubilee serves that position unofficially, making decisions and generally directing decisions. 

As a soft rule, seniority and level of Blessing influence how "important" an Overseer comes off as. 

Overseers choose assistants to handle more domestic work for them, like writing up mission reports, paperwork, and less dangerous missions. The title of 'assistant' isn't quite official, but almost all Frags know what the position means and do have some respect for the assistants.

Its headquarters is located outside of the Timelines, comprised of a massive chunk of bent spacetime where distance is not measurable and time doesn't quite pass evenly. The COR is seated in a large building on a massive floating island, with a wide expanse of galaxies and stars above it; the building is as large or as small as its inhabitants need it to be. Offices, meeting rooms, hotels, etc., are all found within its walls, appearing at seemingly-random to those who need them.

On-site at the COR is a Magnitude Fragment on standby: Suza. Suza is a well-known figure, but it's not common knowledge that they stay at the COR - really only the Overseers and those they interact with often know about Suza's presence. Farley also lives at the Coalition, but his status as a Mag Frag isn't known by anyone.

The six "factions" or "divisions" of the COR are as follows:


Rest & Reformation is supposed to patch together Timelines that have fallen apart, but as that's exceedingly rare, they tend to be the more bookish, administrative Frags in the COR. They spend most of their time at headquarters, charting information and organizing the coalition. Most of them are secretaries or archivists.


A subsection of Rest & Reformation, the Sanctum is the name of a secret pocket reality contained within HQ. It serves as an area to protect vulnerable Frags or house especially dangerous ones, keeping them sealed away from the rest of reality. Its creator and manager is Profiterole.


Centralized within HQ, Rescue & Recover is the medical branch, offering therapy and healing to Fragments and those suffering Timeline-related injuries. Getting a job in Rescue/Recover is notoriously difficult, per the high standards employed by its specializing Overseers. It's the smallest branch, by far.


Considered the "army", Research & Remove's stated purpose is to pry TImeline-destroying artifacts out of the hands of those who would abuse them, but they're mostly just the muscle for the COR. If a fight goes down, Research/Remove is on top of it, rowdy and belligerent. There's a few tiny, scattered research teams.


"Pearls" are small chunks of Genesis/Bereave magic that have yet to grow into Fragments, but with time and care, they will eventually 'hatch' and form an actual body and mind. Pearl Protectors take stock and care of them in the meantime. Technically, they're under Research & Remove, but are also considered their own branch.

regulate & refine

The "catch-all" of the COR, primarily for Fragments whose job is to look after their own Timeline. They're the largest section by virtue of there being infinite Timelines with infinite Fragments looking after them. They report back to the COR every now and then to inform them how their TImeline's doing.

10130629_qPwDilzf508d4Bo.png?1547696659(Overseer Soph, one of the founders of the Coalition of Reality. Artwork by SnailMuffin.)

other factions

Of course, Fragments are people, too, and political disagreements have occured. This has resulted in the split-off of two more primary factions that oppose the Coalition (and its message), although they aren't always antagonistic. The Coalition would like for both factions to be reunited, but isn't trying to stamp them out entirely or bully them into obeying - they've got bigger fish to fry (protecting Timelines, trying to unravel the black market of illegal weapons dealing/mortal slavery/etc). 

There are some Fragments who belong to none of the three factions, too. They aren't necessarily part of the Coalition, but the COR considers them a part of its jurisdiction anyways and will arrest and punish them by its law if they're caught breaking it.

The two alternate factions are as follows:

the shards

A splinter group formed by the Mag Frag Rendgen, the Shards' stated goal is to reunite the world in the primordial fusion Singularity in hopes of making everyone happy, or so they say. Generally they're a guerilla-warfare type terrorist group who spends more time being drug around at Rendgen's bequest, but they can serve as adversaries when Rendgen focuses on disrupting COR proceedings. Virant leads them.

sundae's haven

Comprised of Fragments who felt jilted in Coalition work and headed by the former Overseer Sundae, the Haven is a large pocket reality where the world(s) inside are fake and upheld by Sundae's magic. It calls itself a place of healing for those who are tired of wasting their lives protecting ungrateful mortals, keeping its location a secret to keep its denizens safe from the long arm of COR law. Wage helps out.


Fragments are, quite literally, timeless creatures. Unlike Magnitude Fragments, they're not quite as removed from how mortals and time work - after all, Frags spend a large chunk of their time within a Timeline, keeping careful watch over their chosen mortals and ensuring they don't blow each other up. Still, there are some primary differences between how Frags and mortals operate.

In general, Fragments do not bore easily, have trouble telling the passage of time, have difficulties understanding the purpose of things like houses, babies, food, etc. (a Frag can just magic up whatever they want, and they do not need to eat), and are especially bad with understanding and interacting with children. It's incredibly difficult for a Fragment to wrap their head around the concept of a child (as they're "born" as adults), and they'll often treat children as if they were mature and more reasonable far beyond their years. They also tend to talk down to mortals, although it's more out of patronizing affection than malicious arrogance. 

The central point of their culture, however, is that all Fragments are inherently idealistic. They believe, with all their heart, that the world is a good place worth saving and protecting. Over time, this idealism can become worn or jaded, but there are very few Fragments (if any at all) that believe intrinsically that the world is a bad thing. In general, they do not like having to kill people, would always prefer diplomacy (even if that requires roughing someone up in a fight first), and do not do well with apathy. They're diligent workers, and are fairly willing to put in overtime to get a job done. Working to the point of exhaustion seems almost hard-coded into their psychology.

This combines to form a collective that is quite adoring of mortals, but fatally misunderstands most of how mortal culture operates and thus artificially creates distance. Fragments tend to mirror mortal life: they'll construct homes similar to how mortals do, complete with kitchens and bathrooms that a Frag never uses because they don't understand their purpose. They'll wear the same clothes as the mortals of their Timeline, pick up their slang, and alter their appearance to match them, while woefully misunderstanding why a mortal friend is worried about a 'mortgage'. Picture a bad game of telephone of how a mortal lives and dies; a Frag will mimic this to the best of their ability.

When it comes to the Mag Frags, regular Fragments see them as their seniors and somewhat-legendary celebrities. Everyone's aware that the Mags are real people that show up now and then, but with how powerful they are (and, being older than Frags,) it's hard for most Frags to really accept the Mags as people on their level. Having a Blessing from a Mag that doesn't hand them out like candy is pretty impressive to an everyday Frag.

Slight judgement gets tossed around based on what Timeline one is from. A handful have notorious reputations, although it's more of a passing sideeye (most of the time) than a reason to break off a friendship or shittalk someone. As a soft rule, Timelines with a lot of Fragments in it are considered rowdy/backwater/overpopulated, while Timelines with under 10 Frags are seen as more respectable. (A Frag goes to a 50-Frag Timeline to get drunk, for example). 

There are several Timelines devoid of mortals. Fragments have taken these and made them into makeshift homes, running their approximations of resorts/hotels, bars, etc., out of them. One has to know the right people to know these Timelines, however, and their exact numbers aren't common knowledge. It's not out of the question for a Frag to construct a Timeline just for the purpose of having a place to vacation, though.

Significant Fragments


Overseer Jubilee

Considered the leader of the Overseers (or as much of a leader as there can be). Only person to host a Rendgen Blessing. Extremely jaded and cynical.

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Morning Star

Secretary in Rest & Reformation with a staunch idealistic belief system. Accidentally ended up in over his head, but determined to keep trying his best.

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Was once an Overseer; left the position behind to form his own faction against the COR. Has a Pyatiugolnik Blessing. Seems snide, but is genuinely nice.

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Overseer Archise

Archise is here because I love him, and everyone should love Archise. His actual job is in Research & Remove, leading the anti-Shards unit, though.

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