Gladic Events

note: the time between events is REALLY shaky, like, a new line could mean 1 year or 1,000,000 years or 100,000,000 years, it's all shaky. i tried to bunch together events that happened close together but y'know I did my best

this is mostly of gladic events, also, each universe has its own timeline info linked in the "[name] info" character. please see those for events


Background Info On Timelines
1. Genesis creates the main timeline; splits into the Big Three: Alphanumeric, Petrichor, and Marvin.
2. The Big Three make the starter Gladar and then go their separate ways over whether or not to rule the new Gladar or let them learn on their own.

3. Beginning, Neverend, Restless, Nonstop, and Continuum form the Cacaesthesia Council and start making Time Gladar.
4. Gladwin takes power in the Space Gladar and starts collecting people for his inner circle.
5. Black and White meet up with each other and make the Seven Spectrum Leaders: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

6. Continuum and Nonstop start dating.

7. The first Wanderers start emerging around this time and start wandering around. Ophion is also formed, but that's sort of irrelevant until way later. 

8. Nonstop becomes the first Gladar pregnant; Continuum begins the First Time Gladar War, aided by his new faction of the Enlightened Gladar, who have a cult of personality around him. Alphard the fusion is formed.
9. Perihelion rebels against Gladwin. Perihelion's side wins and this event is known as the Merge. The Space Gladar settle into unsteady peace.
10. Gladwin is then saved by a few of his lackeys that managed to not be captured during the Merge. He is at large in Universe Core but not doing anything particularly imposing.

11. Red kills Orange and begins the Color Wars. Green takes her spectrum and fucks off to a corner to establish a safe hiding spot. Blue, Indigo, and Violet form a coalition against Red. Yellow has the hots for them and joins Red's side.

12. Continuum loses the First Time Gladar War. Nonstop returns to the Cacaesthesia Council. Continuum and the Enlightened set up camp in a different part of Universe Core.
13. Infinity is born. Eternity and Endless are raised alongside him. The Time Gladar settle into a rough stalemate in which Enlightened Gladar attempt to bring Nonstop back to Continuum (because Nonstop could easily stop Continuum if he attempted to start up the war again).

14. Infinity finds out about being the child of Continuum. In a panic, he attacks Beginning to demand answers. She doesn't take kindly to this and exiles him.
15. Without any ties left to the Council, Nonstop flees and returns to Continuum. Lots of hugs & kisses. Continuum starts the Second Time Gladar War. Nonstop also gets pregnant again and gives birth. Also Quiet City is formed sometime around now; alongside it is formed the Factory.
16. While that war is going on, the entire timeline of Infinity's Universe occurs. Also the Elementals are made by Marvin. They instantly start wandering around as a group.

17. Infinity returns to the Time Gladar and tries to help in the war. He manages to single-handedly defeat Continuum, prompting Nonstop to surrender the Enlightened forces. The Enlightened move their city next to the Council Symps' and an awkward peace begins. Everyone still kind of hates each other a lot.

18. On an excursion into Universe Core, Infinity accidentally stumbles upon the Space Gladar city. The Space Gladar are initially welcoming but also tense when they hear about the Lots of Wars the TG have been doing. IGPF gets founded around this time.

19. Red's army stumbles upon the Time Gladar. Lots of weird tension, but they warm up to each other eventually. Sort of. Red continues on, meets the Space Gladar who are significantly less friendly, and fucks off to find the other Color Gladar.
20. Blue's coalition shows up. Continuum calls up his pal Red, tells them about Blue's arrival. Red shows up, the Battle of Chasm occurs. Red wins with the help of the Enlightened forces. Before Red can kill Blue, Magninium intervenes.
21. Magninium tells the factions that warring is stupid, because there's much bigger threats. See: Alphard. Nobody believes him.
22. Alphard shows up and decimates the Time Gladar cit(ies). Everyone collectively realizes Magninium was right. Nonstop gets kidnapped so now Continuum cares and demands everyone meet up.

23. The Time Gladar, Space Gladar, Color Gladar, and Elemental Gladar meet in what will come to be known as the First Greater Gladic Coalition (GGC) meeting. Not much gets done but this establishes a foundation for the four city Gladar groups to start working together. Continuum demands action; nobody can agree on anything.
24. Everyone goes home, sleeps it over, and arrives for the second meeting. They get down some plans on the table. Continuum admits Nonstop is a functioning superbattery of magic and Alphard is probably going to use that for Nefarious Purposes. Magninium mentions that Nonstop might just be bait for Continuum, but he's brushed aside. 

25. The GGC lead a siege on Alphard's Mansion. They're accompanied by a lot of Wanderer Gladar who also do not like Alphard (notably a few Quiet City residents, all of the IGPF, etc). The raid fails.
26. The GGC try again, and lead the successful Mansion Siege. Continuum battles Alphard head-on and sort-of gets his ass kicked. Alphard gives him the good-ol taunting about being "tainted". Continuum has no idea what the hell that means and just demands his husband back. Alphard obliges. When his back is turned, Continuum and Nonstop fuse into Nonti and beat him up. Success.

27. The GGC meet again and decide collectively they're better off working together, because hey, we beat up Alphard. Cheers. They also explicitly exclude the Wanderers from their little clubhouse, including the ones that helped them in the Siege.

28. Wanderers are pissed about this, understandably. Ophion seeks out Magninium and tells him this. Magninium disgruntledly tells him that it's not like the GGC at large listens to him or anything.

29. A large group of Wanderers calling themselves the Enforcers retaliate in anger against the GGC. The Time Gladar get their city blown up again and get pissed off.

30. Infinity realizes that things are not going so well. He starts exploring Universe Core because he doesn't want to get involved in the conflicts. He finds Gladwin, who has been moping around since he lost control of the SG. The two start a friendship, sort of. 

31. GGC attacks the Enforcers by blowing up Ophion's Factory. Ophion gets pissy and rebuilds it, but better. The GGC blow it up again. Ophion then goes to the Muses and asks for help.
32. The Muses are reluctant to fight but they give Ophion a cool sword.

33. The sword is stolen from Ophion before he gets a chance to use it. It passes hands a lot until it gets to Nonstop. Nonstop puts it in his house and promptly forgets about it.

34. The Enforcers realize that they are A) vastly outnumbered, B) vastly outpowered, and C) have no stable base of operations. They help rebuild the Factory in hopes that it will solve problem C. The GGC shows up and blows the thing up again.
35. Phyta shows up and acts as a mediator for a while. Tensions lower a bit, although the Enforcers are still pissy about not being allowed into GGC meetings.

36. Infinity shows up at home with Gladwin. He then pledges that he's going to reform everyone who's done heinous acts.
37. The Space Gladar are really offended that Infinity did that. Especially without asking. They pull their support from the GGC.
38. The Enforcers raid the SG. SG then rejoin the GGC, because ugh. 

39. Everyone collectively becomes aware of the Big Three, because Alphanumeric's robots (the Artists) were caught watching the Enforcers raid the SG and well, that's suspicious. They're tracked back to Alpha's lab, where people scope him out and realize hey, this is one of those weird powerful guys the legends are about.
40. Alpha takes this in stride. He claims full responsibility for making everything and tries to have the Gladar crown him king or president or something. Nobody buys it. He at least recruits Infinity to his side.
41. Infinity finds Petrichor, who is gravely wounded. Petrichor tells Infinity about Alpha's lies. Infinity is upset but not sure what to do.

42. Enforcers are attacked inexplicably by Alphard. They call up the Muses again, who ask again to please stop dragging them into conflicts. They begrudgingly call up the GGC.
43. Together they both raid Alphard again and Nonti manages to actually split the damn fusion this time. The IGPF swoop in and arrest the FUCK out of Alphard-singular. He sulks in jail (baby jail), a lot. Infinity visits him and the two start a weird friendship. Hey, the reforming thing is starting to work.
44. Infinity brings up Petrichor. Nobody cares. 

45. Alpha and Petri have a huge fight spanning like, all of Universe Core. Now people care.

46. Alpha attempts to kill Petrichor. Infinity jumps in the way and tanks the hit instead. He almost dies but doesn't because Marvin shows up and like blesses the fuck out of him.
47. Alpha, Petri, and Marv reconcile. Hugs & kisses (they all gay together). Infinity goes home with a cool scar and his parents freak out.
48. Marvin tells Alpha and Petri about the other Timelines. They promise to stop fighting in the MT to at least ease some stress. Marv offers to have them hang out more often.

49. They start hanging out more often. The Enforcers are allowed to sit in at GGC meetings now. Nobody's sure what to do with Alphard, but Infinity seems to be getting through to him, so they let it go. Ophion and Taffy permafuse. Continuum is (eyes emoji) at this.
50. Bereave gets pissed off and splits his fusion into the Inverse Three: Cosmos, Terrene, and Kismet. The Inverse Three instantly accuse the Big Three of treating them unfairly and pushing them to the side. They start attempting to kidnap the Big Three to enact torture and/or revenge.

51. Infinity now has to try to reform the Inverse Three, because he's been doing so well before.

52. Oops, Infinity sucks at this. Alphanumeric gets kidnapped. Nobody knows where the hell he's being held.
53. Petrichor is beside himself with worry. Marvin has to sleep because other timelines need his attention.

54. Also oops remember Forever? He's really mad everyone forgot about him and he's kind of going on a take-over-the-world spree. Nice one, Infinity.

55. A new mysterious location called Lagrange Highway is found. All the Gladar here are real tough cookies, if you catch my drift. This ain't your momma's weenie hut jr's.
56. Conti strolls into Lagrange and befriends both powerful faction leaders, Providence and Prinz. Everyone is shocked. Prov and Prinz are pissed off that their new pal is friends with their other. Prinz plots to kill Prov.
57. Nonstop attempts to talk some sense into Forever. Forever kills Nonstop. Conti decides that his kids were mistakes and he needs to rectify this. 

58. Nonstop reforms, later. He's upset, shaken, and feels very alone. He had a lot of faith in his kids until now. Conti comforts him. It's fine. They'll fix this. Both of them retreat into relative obscurity outside of the GGC for the next set of years.

59. Infinity is trying to communicate with Forever, who has set up base in what he's calling "Perfect City." Perfect City is an empty, cold metropolis. As Forever forcibly "reforms" Gladar into being good people that also happen to adore Forever and wait on him hand and foot, they are added to Perfect City. At first nobody cares, until Forever starts kidnapping prolific Gladar.

60. Turns out Forever kidnapped Alphard (singular) too. You bastard kid. Alphard is unconvinced by Forever's torture-brainwashing and escapes. He is now at large in Universe Core again. 

61. The GGC and Enforcers meet to discuss what to do. Nonstop and Conti are absent from this meeting. It's decided that they'll storm Perfect City and force Forever to liberate those he's weaselled under his command. An elite taskforce is organized, and they're sent into the city.
62. The taskforce fails, and are induced into Forever's ranks.
63. The GGC meet again. They decide to send some diplomats this time.
64. The diplomats fail. Forever inducts them into his ranks.

65. The GGC meet again, kind of pissed off and frustrated. Nonstop and Conti are still absent. Nobody can really decide on what to do, since it seems a lot of methods have failed. Blue suggests a stealth mission.
66. Stealth mission fails. Forever inducts the invaders into his ranks. God damn it, Forever.

aaand that's about it for what I have set in stone for now.