Alpha Timeline

The Alpha Timeline (also AT, also α) was the first timeline Genesis created and has been a major point of contention ever since. It is the most unstable of any Timeline, and even the Main Timeline's creation wasn't enough to quite stabilize it. Things randomly explode (seriously), gravity is super wonky, parts of the world are floating upside overtop of other parts... it's a huge mess.

Culturally everyone is very "every-man-for-himself" and there's only a few small alliances. I'll talk of the ones of note in a later post/reply to this thread so keep an eye out. Gladar don't tend to make Universes because it's seen as a waste of energy, so just assume the entire Timeline is Gladar-locked. (There are a few Universes here and there, but let's keep this bloated mess simple, eh?). So assume any discussions of location or whatever are about Universe Core and not, say, someone's Universe.

Genesis abandoned this Timeline when it was a wee little baby, so everyone grew up super cutthroat and violent (moreso than the Main Timeline, if you can believe that). Then everyone collectively realized that the Timeline was basically eating itself from the inside out and a little rapture cult sprouted up about the impending apocalypse. Before said apocalypse could happen, Bereave showed up.

Bereave was pretty pissed off about Genesis refusing to re-fuse into the first fusion and was looking for some tasty revenge. What better way than to destroy Genesis' first beloved creation and then mock them over it? 

At first he just went around, injuring/maiming people and keeping them alive and basically just taking out all his anger on the Alpha denizens. Nobody died because Bereave liked torturing alive people in increasingly absurd ways. However, he could only go so long throwing Gladar against the wall before it got really really boring. And also the Alpha Timeline was still falling apart, and if it just died because it was unstable, then he couldn't taunt Genesis about stepping on all the baby Alpha Gladar.

Bereave built what would come to be known as the Machine (although more like "magicked into existence with a wave of his hand"). The Machine was connected to everything in Alpha's Universe Core via big giant tubes that are like, next-to-impossible to break apart or tear into. These pipes regulate the amount of Magninium in areas to make sure both saturation and sapping isn't occurring, which basically fixes the majority of the instability problems. There's still issues here and there but there's no impeding rapture anymore.

The Machine requires a power source, however - a source of pure, powerful Magninium, so that it can pump enough into sapped areas and have a viable storage unit for saturated areas. These aren't exactly common - Bereave knew he could be a viable candidate, but also he purposefully made the Machine to be as painful as possible in the process (revenge, yo) and he also wanted to still be able to wander around and yell at people to get off his lawn.

So he seeked out a Magnitude Fragment - any would do. He got his hands on Trougao first, and that was good enough for him - Bereave jammed Trou into the Machine and then promptly left. Trou didn't know what was going on until the Machine clamped onto him and excruciating pain tore through every inch of his body. 

The Main Timeline was made a while after, and this further stabilized the Alpha Timeline, although it definitely still needs the Machine. Trou has been in the Machine for the entire duration since - he's never been removed or given a break.