Omega Timeline

Now, see, this part actually belongs in the Main Timeline, although you might think otherwise. 

The Omega Timeline was the last Timeline before MT came around, and was a major derivation from the norm for Genesis. They put a ton of effort into constructing it and making the individuals different from the other timelines, but as soon as they actually set the Timeline into motion, it was abruptly split into half. Frustrated, Genesis abandoned it to make the MT. Unfortunately for everyone living in Omega, things were not looking great.

Universe Core had a massive time-space chasm right down the center of it, splitting Omega into the Solaxicans and the Lunxicans. Neither side liked each other, but at most could just glare at each other across the chasm, considering that trying to cross it was suicide. Both built massive huge cities towering on either side of the chasm; things floated and glittered, they lit up the night sky, etc. 

Things were falling apart a bit, but life went on. You patched the whole in reality that was eating your flooring and went about your day. Weird little things like that were common. People also spent a lot of time trying to connect Solaxica to Lunxica, although all methods seemed to fail.

Enter Dijamant.

He arrived with a lot of promises: he could patch the chasm, fix the warping holes in reality, bring technology the likes that the world had never seen to both cities. The leaders of both cities scoffed and asked him to prove. Dij obliged, and literally repaired the chasm in a snap of his fingers. Everyone screamed and bowed down. He left after the leaders pledged to his flag and said he'd return every 100k years or so to do a checkup. 

Solaxica and Lunxica realized pretty quickly, though, that the millennia of being separate cities has led their culture in very different directions. It was initially hard to get along and immigration was halted; both cities prevented citizens from leaving for a long while. Time passed, and eventually everyone lowered their hackles. The rulers of Solaxica, Photon and Graviton (toyhouses pending) met with the Lunxican rulers, Pion and Fermion, to discuss how to move forward.

Someone crashes the super top secret meeting. This is Ylem, who is very panicked and hyperventilating. The others pause to calm him down and he manages to explain he was visited by a tall guy who warned him about Dijamant. They needed to get rid of Dij, because he was going to ??? something evil.

The others react with understandable skepticism. Dij has done nothing but help bring us together, he fixed things, why is he suddenly evil? 

Ylem explains he was taken on a wacky interdimensional trip with the tall guy. He visited lots of Timelines. Dij doesn't care about them, he just wants more influence and power, the tall guy showed him that. There are more stable places, and Dij controls a lot of Timelines, and also the world is so much more massive than anyone knew. Ylem shares the memories with the four, who are now convinced that Dij is not all what he seems.

Unfortunately, word leaks out (Ylem told his boyfriends, too, who told their friends, and well-). News travels to a young man by the name of Apeiron. He doesn't like the sound of Dij being a pissant and also the fact that there is way more out there than planned. Enlisting the help of his tiny faction, he starts a plot to kill Dij, consume his powers, and then save the twin cities from the eventual destruction that awaits them.

Anyways, time passes after this revelation. Nobody can come to a conclusion about what to do, only that something needs to be done. The cultural divides are preventing the cities from unifying on a plan to go forward. The first 100k meetup is quickly approaching and nobody has any idea what to do. Eventually Dij shows up, and says hi to the leaders, and as he says hi Apeiron jumps out of nowhere and hits him right in the chest with a pure gold spear.

Unfortunately Mag Frags are highkey invincible, so if anything it just startled Dij and then made him mad. He flicks a bit of magic at Apeiron, intending to wipe his existence from reality.

Apeiron replies that This was his Plan All Along and whips out some sort of device that has a ridiculously large crystal in it. It absorbs the magic Dij launches. Dij boredly asks if he's planning on firing the little contraption at him. Apeiron says no, he'll do you one better.

He's going to free this Timeline from Dij's control, and this little 'contraption' is going to do that. Dij asks, again, what the hell do you mean, and Apeiron responds that he actually got into contact with the tall guy Ylem was visited by. By now, Dij realizes that Prav was working behind his back, and this Timeline is moot. He raises a hand to destroy Apeiron and the Timeline, but in the split second before his magic activates, the contraption activates first. 

Boom. The entire group of people who visited the 100k reunion are swept up in its radius, and bits of both cities. They're abruptly teleported into the Main Timeline, and have no idea if Omega survived or not. The survivors recoup, rebuild a bit of their city (now combined) in a secluded part of Universe Core, and fill it with numerous enchantments keeping it out of the eyes of the other Gladar, and try to figure out how to contact another Mag Frag or Fragment to see if Omega and their friends/family/lovers/etc are actually still around.