Terms commonly used, given a brief description. Not meant to be an end-all be-all.

MAGNITUDE FRAGMENTS… Primordial deities, existing outside of spacetime and eager to protect all of existence. They are associated with the geometrical building blocks of reality. More information here.
FRAGMENTS… Ancient deities, similar to Mags (but weaker) and also existing outside of spacetime. More information here.
CREATOR DEITIES… Term used to describe the two original gods, Genesis and Bereave, born from the splitting-apart of Singularity, where all of existence was once coalesced into.

TIMELINE… A single massive section of spacetime, carved into existence by Genesis, creator deity. This is what Fragments/Mags protect and serve, and is where those lower on the god spectrum than them reside.
ORIGINAL 24… The first Timelines Genesis made, named after the Greek alphabet. Unstable and crappy.
MAIN TIMELINE… The final Timeline created by Genesis after the original 24, and the only one stable enough to be able to survive competently on its own. Stabilized (somewhat) the prior 24 and spawned a billion copies of itself with minor differences, called Connected Timelines. MT is sacred.
UNIVERSE CORE… A plane within Timelines that is inhabited by (typically solely) Gladar. Very large, distance is measured in lightyears.
UNIVERSE… A small subsection of a Timeline, created by Gladar, where all below them on the god spectrum reside.

BIG THREE… After making the Main Timeline, Genesis split themself into three weaker individuals. These three are the "big three": Marvin, Petrichor, and Alphanumeric.
INVERSE THREE… Bereave also split himself into three, but at a far later date. He became Kismet, Terrene, and Cosmos. Together, the big/inverse three can be called the big six.

GLADAR… Highest of the god spectrum within Timelines, made of pure magic, and creators of Universes. Live in a plane outside of Universes called "Universe Core", and form small societies. Typically only 300 to a Timeline.
LESSER GOD… Residents of Universes, also the most common god type. Create mortals and usually lead their lives as rulers, but also squabble heavily between each other. Represent some sort of concept, that they define and changes as their identity does.
MORTAL… Beings who live, fuck, and die, just like you and me!

MAGNINIUM/MAGIC… A wellspring of sentience, source of the mind and soul. Can be used to perform nuclear fission and allow reality warping, common in Numbers. Vast quantities are found in gods, but even mortals have some. More information here.

GOD SPECTRUM… A description for the vast array of gods in Numbers, with its ladders dictated by amount of Magninium in the gods' body. More information here.

A bigger glossary is here, on the website.

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